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Review of air ducts and filters for range hoods

Review of air ducts and filters for range hoods

The range hood mounting with ventilation mode can be done by yourself or by specialists. Of course, the choice of the optimum air duct material and its installation depends on the specific model and kitchen architecture.

As a rule, modern air ducts for range hoods most commonly use corrugated or smooth pipes of semi-rigid plastic or aluminum.

Smooth plastic pipes

Plastic smooth pipes have a circular or rectangular cross section. But ducts with rectangular cross-section are less noticeable compared to round pipes. Moreover, they are easier mounted in the hanging kitchen cabinets. Mounting the duct requires at least three L-shaped adapters and adapter for compound of device with ventilation duct. Usually, hermetic sealing for pipes of this type is carried out with the help of standard sealant.

Today, the market in abundance offers such pipes in a wide range.

Corrugated ducts

The length of corrugated pipe is determined in the maximum extended state. Unfortunately, the folds of the pipe significantly increase the noise level during operation. As a rule, mount of such air line uses clamps and racks with fittings.


Advantages of smooth plastic pipes.

1. The minimum noise level.

2. Smooth inner surface of air duct prevents the accumulation of dirt and fat during operation.

Advantages of corrugated tubes.

1. Easy installation.

2. Absence of adapters.

3. Lower cost compared to smooth pipe.

The diameter and length of the air duct

Of course, the air duct diameter to connect the range hood should be not less of diameter output hole of device. Otherwise, system performance is reduced, the noise level and engine load are increased. And as a consequence, enhanced load reduces its service life.

Of course, diameter duct must not exceed the air duct diameter in building.

If possible, air duct should not be too long or curved. For example, each turn in duct at an angle of 90 degrees reduces overall system performance by 10%. At the same time, the angle more of 90 degrees increases the load on the engine and violates the correct air circulation.

Usually, the optimum length of the duct not exceed 10 feet. But each additional ft reduces productivity by 2 %.

The cross section of the air duct

Of course, round pipe with smooth walls is the most optimal. Unfortunately, corrugated pipe has a certain level of resistance to airflow. Moreover, transitions from rectangular to round section also adversely affect the performance of the ventilation system.


Typically, modern models have two types of filters.

First coarse filter is designed to protect device from fat compounds in the air kitchen. Fats are very viscous substances. They create the difficult-to-remove pollution on virtually any surface. Overall performance without this filter is sharply decreased.

Reusable cassette filters are made of steel or aluminum.

They are the most convenient. The filter has a sufficiently long service life. It’s easy cleaned manually with the help of any detergent or in dishwasher separately from the rest of cookware. The video at the end of the article demonstrates the process of its cleaning.

Disposable filters are made from a non-woven fabric or sintepon.

They require periodic replacement. These filters are equipped with the clogging indicators.

The carbon filter is designed to remove odors. Filter work is based on the properties of activated carbon.

Any filter adversely affects device performance due to creating a resistance to air flow. The resistance also increases as the filter contamination. Respectively, the load on the fan also increases. Therefore, installation of redundant additional filters is not recommended.

Ventilation mode suggests the use only of the fat filter.

Carbon filters are disposable. Usually, their service life is from 3 to 6 months. This period greatly varies depending on operating conditions. The indicator in the expensive models informs the user of the need to replace.

Some budgetary models do not have a coarse filter. In this case, the user must periodically clean the ventilation dome and device surface from fat.

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