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Review of Bosch built-in dishwashers.

Review of Bosch built-in dishwashers.

Of course, Bosch refers to the leaders of this market segment. For example, in 2017, the company introduced several innovative models of the new 800 series. As a consequence, a large number of innovative technologies is a key feature of this series. Today, the models of this series can rightfully claim the title of the most innovative dishwashers. In fact, these models differ only in the volume of the working chamber.

Bosch SHX878WD5N

This built-in dishwasher provides 6 wash cycles, including Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal, Speed 60 and Rinse, and 6 wash modes, including Delay, Half Load, Delicate, Sanitize, Extra Dry and Extra Scrub. Moreover, model has completely stainless steel case and noise level no more than 42 dB.

Additionally, SHX878WD5N uses innovative Touch Control Technology for programming the working cycle.

Moreover, the spacious Tall Tub Bosch holds up to 16 place settings. An additional folding 3rd rack increases the loading area by 30%.

It uses a patented RackEasyGlide system that provides smooth glide.

RackMatic system provides a simple adjustment of the optimum height of the top rack using 9 adjustable positions.

The model performance is very high. The operating cycle lasts no more than one hour.

The device status is controlled by the InfoLight function. It projects a red spot on the floor during the wash cycle and turns off after the work is completed.

The AquaStop Plus uses a sensor to prevent leakage. In this case, the system stops operation and automatically activates the pump to drain water from the dishwasher.

Extra Dry Option increases the temperature and extends the drying time.

Sanitize OptionBy uses a higher temperature to improve cleaning efficiency.

Optical AquaSensor controls the transparency of the water after rinsing, determining the cleanliness level.

Automatic Water SoftenerOur provides optimum water hardness.

The high price is the main drawback of this series.

The video at the end of this article demonstrates all the advantages of 800 series.

Bosch SMV50E30

The capacity of this model is 13 sets of dishes. Of course, it supports all traditional programs. Automatic mode is designed for daily washing. The water temperature in this mode varies from 40 to 65 ° C depending on the contamination degree. Intensive mode is designed for very dirty dishes. This mode heats water up to 70 degrees. The economical cycle is longer and warms water up to 50 degrees. Fast mode is convenient for washing cups or wineglasses. It provides a delicate rinsing. The water temperature in this mode is only 45 degrees.

The pre-rinse mode prevents drying of residues of fats on the dishes. It retains the wet surface of the dishes before washing.

1/2 mode provides economical working with partial load.

Additionally, this model uses ActiveWater technology that is an intelligent water usage system for calculation of its minimum required volume.

Moreover, VarioSpeed function shortens the cycle time by almost two times due to more intensive water supply, fewer rinsing cycles and water temperature. The quality of washing and drying remains high, but electricity consumption increases. This function can be activated simultaneously with all programs, except the pre-rinse, fast and economical modes.

The model provides a condensation-type drying. The maximum noise during operation is 48 dB. Completion of any program is accompanied by an acoustic signal. Bosch SMV50E30 is equipped with a quiet and durable inverter EcoSilence Drive motor.

The door has a ServoSchloss for easy and reliable automatic closing that is activated at a certain small angle.

Bosch SPV40E10

This narrow model is designed for a small family. It holds up to 9 sets of dishes and is equipped with all the traditional programs. The remaining characteristics almost completely coincide with the Bosch SMV50E30.

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