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Review of Gourmia GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Circulator Precision Cooker

Review of Gourmia GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Circulator Precision Cooker

The popularity of these devices has grown sharply over the past few years. The range of offered models has also significantly expanded.

Today the market offers several types of devices for Sous Vide, including submersible circulators, integrated Water Baths and systems with manual temperature control. Submersible models provide simultaneous heating and mixing of water. Integrated Water Baths are more expensive and provide less accuracy. Compactness, low price and ease of use ensure the high popularity of submersible models.

These devices have the following main characteristics.

1. Accuracy.

Temperature accuracy is important for cooking the certain dishes and is the main advantage of these devices. It should be provided in the entire volume of water, without warmer or cold zones. The average value is +/- 1 degree.

2. Cooking time.

This value directly depends on the model power due to the effect on the water heating duration. However, the advantage of a powerful heating element decreases significantly at a long cooking cycle. Additionally, too powerful models often cause network congestion and tripping of automatic fuses, especially when other electrical devices are used simultaneously. Therefore, the optimal balance between usability and power depends on the use mode and opportunities of the electrical network in the kitchen. The power of most modern models ranges from 700 to 1100 W.

3. Temperature stability.

This value is less important for slow and low-temperature cooking compared to quick cooking.

4. Built-in timer.

This function is especially convenient with a countdown. The sound signal at the end of the set time significantly simplifies the control of the cooking process.

5. Calibration.

This function is only useful if you have a separate high-precision thermometer (for example, Thermapen). Calibration with the help of inexpensive thermometers with a low level of accuracy is ineffective.


Today, the Gourmia GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Pod is one of the most popular models. Its power reaches 1200 W, providing very fast heating the water to the required temperature. Compactness and low price are the main advantages of this model. The device weighs 2.3 pounds. Practically noiseless pump provides circulation of 1.5 gallons of water / minute.

The model has a bright large display on the top surface of the handle with a simple and convenient interface.

Device is available in three colors.

The design of the model is very similar to the Anova Precision Cooker, including the cylindrical shape and the adjustment wheel for setting the time and temperature. The adjustment step is also +/- 1 degree. Kit contains Recipe Book by bestselling author Jason Logsdon. This model is ideal for cooking steaks, chicken, seafood and eggs. In general, the popularity of Sous Vide Machines is growing rapidly in recent years and, probably, this process will continue because of their high practicality, functionality and low price.

A large spring-loaded clamp provides a simple and reliable clamping to most 3.5 gallon pots.

Unfortunately, there is no sound signal to reach the set water temperature.

In conclusion, the video demonstrates the wide possibilities of this model.

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