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Review of Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

Review of Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

Of course, the innovative trend actively penetrates into all spheres, including segment of cooking equipment. For example, the popularity of molecular gastronomy is constantly increasing in recent times. As known, molecular gastronomy belongs to the trophology or direction of food combining. Additionally, trophology studies physicochemical processes during cooking. Of course, new cooking technologies actively use these results, for example, cooking at very high temperatures and pressures and other non-standard solutions. As a rule, these technologies provide cooking dishes of amazing shape, color, texture and taste. Of course, companies develop and produce various devices for such cooking. For example, today market offers Stefan-grill, Cookvac for vacuum marinating, freeze drying, sous-vide technologies, pokodzheting-ldomiksing, thermomix, aroma distillery, deep freezing, etc.

Thermomix technology is based on the continuous mixing the ingredients during their heat treatment. In fact, thermomix is a pan with a mixing function.

The design of the knives in modern models provides processing in a wide range, including coarse grinding of frozen foods and gentle mixing of soft spaghetti. The working temperature of bowl heating reaches 120 degrees that is enough for melting butter, fat, chocolate, caramel or cooking the sauces, mousses, etc.


Today Thermomix TM5 from the well-known German Vorwerk company is one of the most popular models.

Versatility is a key feature and the main advantage of this model. This food blender combines the functions of twelve individual devices.

Function of smooth heating from 37 to 100 В°C is designed for cooking various sauces, soups, stews and jams. The device effectively whisk mousse, mixes sauces , and perfectly kneads the dough, saturating it with oxygen by means of a special pulsating mode with interleaving the rotation direction. This model is also equipped with a reverse.

A large and bright touch screen with an intuitive interface provides a recipe selection and displays step by step instructions and recommendations.

The model supports wireless connection using the app in the smartphone. Any recipe can be broadcast to the device’s memory using a wireless connection to a special Cook-Key chip.

In the future, the model adds this recipe to the menu with the already built-in commands and cooking time.

A very high level of automation is another advantage. This model, for example, automatically closes / opens the lid. The patented engine has a fuse against overheating, and the temperature, time and power are adjusted with a single lever. This device provides the simultaneous execution of several functions. It can simultaneously cook, mix and grind. Of course, this is very convenient, for example, for adding the next ingredient.

Kit includes a great range of accessories that greatly expand the possibilities of cooking.


– very versatile;

– quick cooking;

– high level of automation;

– large number of recipes;

– support for a wireless connection;

– user-friendly interface with instructions.


– no draining on the bowl;

– expensive;

– not found in US stores.

In conclusion, the video demonstrates all the advantages and possibilities of this model.

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