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Review of  innovative built-in Miele Dialog Oven

Review of innovative built-in Miele Dialog Oven

As known, the segment of complex household appliances is characterized by a constantly growing level of competition. As a result, it forces companies to continuously improve the competitiveness of their products. Of course, price and quality are still the main criteria for choosing a model. But today the quality of assembly and materials in the top segment has almost reached its maximum. Therefore, its further increase adversely affects the cost of production and, accordingly, the final price of the device. We can assume that today companies have almost completely used this resource.

Therefore, in recent years, market leaders have been actively expanding the functionality of their models, ensuring their competitiveness. Of course, its efficiency directly depends on the use of innovative technologies. Therefore, virtually every new generation from market leaders contains several new innovative solutions. Innovative Samsung QuickDrive series washer, Hotpoint MWH 338 SX Supreme Chef Microwave, Hanssem Ozen HB300 and Philips HR3752 vacuum blenders, Whirlpools W collection induction hobs, etc beautifully illustrate this trend.

Of course, the use of digital technology leads the list of major innovations, providing, above all, automation of processes. In addition, remote control via WiFi connection opens up access to various Internet services, almost unlimitedly expanding the capabilities of devices.

Ovens are no exception. The famous German company Miele presented in Berlin at the IFA 2017 exhibition a revolutionary innovative Dialog Oven.

Goji’s RF Solid State Cooking Tech or MChef technology

In fact, the Dialog Oven uses radio frequency as a heat source. RF solid state provides much higher precision due to the feedback loop with the help of RF signals. As a result, the device distributes the energy very precisely between certain zones inside the cooking cavity. “Dialog” name confirms this aspect. Of course, this innovation can be considered a technological leapfrog compared to traditional speed cooking methods. Functional diagram illustrates the operation of this technology.

Operation principle

This device is fundamentally different from the traditional oven with microwave function. Dialog Oven generates electromagnetic waves in the RF range and distributes them in the working chamber using two antennas. Of course, such an algorithm significantly increases the accuracy of the distribution of energy during heat treatment. In addition, a higher-frequency RF spectrum reduces power compared to a traditional microwave oven, simplifying its accurate distribution within the working chamber.

In fact, M Chef recognizes the structure of food and selects the optimal mode for its preparation. Actually, the device regulates the frequency, which affects the power, and distributes energy depending on the type and texture of products. Continuous adjustment optimizes the cooking process depending on the molecular structure of each product and even its changes in the cooking process. As a result, according to the company, high efficiency reduces cooking time by 70% and, as a result, significantly reduces energy consumption.

Of course, the unprecedented high accuracy expands the possibilities of cooking, including the professional segment. For example, at the presentation the company demonstrated the preparation of fish in ice. The device perfectly prepared the fish, leaving the ice cold.

Thus, Miele Dialog Oven allows the chef to cook a cake without heating the cream or meat with vegetables with individual intensity of heat treatment, etc. Of course, the possibilities of this cooking technology are almost unlimited.


Miele Dialog Oven uses the Miele @ mobile app.

Miele @ mobile offers many automatic programs, including those designed specifically for Dialog Oven. In addition to video recipes and shopping lists, the app provides a transfer of the recipe directly to the device. This feature is very convenient for novice cooks.

In addition, automatic programs can be used in several modes, depending on user preferences. For example, the Gourmet Pro mode is ideal for more experienced chefs and for culinary experiments. In this case, the chef manually sets the cooking time and operating mode settings, Gourmet Units or Intensity. Gourmet Assistant mode automatically adjusts settings based on the type and number of products.

Additionally, the company has developed two new Gourmet Units and Intensity programs specifically for Dialog Oven. The first controls the amount of energy absorbed by the products, and the second calculates the time of its absorption.

Dialog Oven uses innovative pyrolytic cleaning, simplifying care to a minimum. BrilliantLight LED lights perfectly illuminate the working chamber.

According to preliminary information, the model will appear in the US market no earlier than the second half of 2019. Unfortunately, its cost will be high. For example, in Europe, its price from Miele reaches $ 9,500.

This video shows the innovative Miele devices at the IFA 2017 exhibition.

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