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Review of Instant Pot DUO60 Cooker

Review of Instant Pot DUO60 Cooker

The popularity of multi cookers is growing rapidly in recent years due to their wide functionality and automation of the cooking process that greatly simplifies the cooking. Manufacturers adequately react to the growth of consumer demand, offering a wide range of new models. As a result, today the market is saturated with a large number of different multi cookers that creates some problems of optimal choosing. A set of basic criteria significantly simplifies this task. This list includes the following factors.

Controls, pressure adjustment, capacity and design

A large bright display with an intuitive interface affects the usability.

Of course, pressure adjustment range greatly affects the model functional. High pressure is convenient for cooking many dishes, shortening the cooking time. But the cooking recipe for certain dishes (for example, pudding) requires low pressure. Of course, the accuracy and sensitivity of the pressure gauge is also important for this function.

Model has capacity of 6 liters. This volume provides comfortable cooking for the average family. For comparison, the cooking for one or two people usually requires 4-liter model, but cooking for a large family requires 8-liter device.

Of course, sturdy, reliable and large handles provide convenience and safety of use, especially with high temperature.

Lid with a reliable locking mechanism prevents the occurrence of dangerous high pressure inside the device, bleeding steam through the valve.

Of course, this function significantly affects the safety.

Non-stick coating and attachments

Unfortunately, this aspect is often a weak link in many models even of the average segment. Non-stick coating is sensitive to a large temperature drop, quickly losing its properties. Of course, the purchase of a new inner pot is accompanied by additional costs.

Of course, additional accessories significantly expand the functionality of each device.


Today Instant Pot DUO60 Cooker is one of the most popular models.

The model can have a bowl of 3, 6 or 8 quarts. It combines the functions of seven different kitchen devices, providing a very high level of versatility.

Moreover, instant Pot DUO60 6 supports 14 automatic programs. The microprocessor controls all the basic cooking parameters. In particular, the program controls the temperature and pressure within the working pot, and cooking duration and intensity of heating.

Three-layer non-stick coating of stainless steel ensures uniform heat distribution and reliably protects from burning. High quality sealing ensures reliable isolation of odors during cooking, preserving the flavor of the prepared dish.

The power of the device is 1000W. 10 protection algorithms ensure complete safety during cooking. The end of the cooking cycle is accompanied by a beep. The pressure varies from 40 to 80 kPa. Duration in the frying mode reaches 30 minutes at three available temperatures. Keep-Warm mode reaches 10 hours. The delayed start time is up to 24 hours. This model provides cooking the yogurt and Jiu Niang (traditional Chinese rice soup) and supports milk pasteurization mode.


– inner pot of stainless steel;

– versatility;

– UL certificate;

– up to 24hrs automatic Keep-Warm function;

– up to 24hrs delay timer.


– small handles are not very comfortable;

– average level of service;

– locking the safety lid requires effort;

– instruction manual is complex and inconvenient.

The video perfectly demonstrates all the advantages of these devices.

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