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Review of the built-in Miele CVA6805 coffee machine

Review of the built-in Miele CVA6805 coffee machine

One of the market leaders presented their new fully automatic built-in Miele CVA6805 model. The coffee machine requires a depth of 36.6 inches. Company offers model in black, brown or silver colors. But, Black Obsidian is the most popular.

Of course, the design, functionality and technical values of the coffee machine fully correspond to the premium class. Miele CVA6805 has power of 2800 W, the capacity of a removable container 2.5 liters and provides a maximum pressure of 15 bars.

Capacity of the container for coffee wastes corresponds to 15 servings. Unfortunately, the maximum cup height does not exceed 5.7 inches. But a removable container for coffee beans holds 500 grams.

The control uses touch panel with an intuitive interface.

Innovative technologies

Typically, Miele models active use innovative solutions. Of course, CVA6805 fully consistent with this trend. For example, this model supports the following technologies.

1. Innovative CupSensor system provides setting the optimal height of the central dispenser, depending on the cup height. Of course, this feature prevents splashing and improves mixing coffee with milk foam. After filling the cup, it rises 1 cm, preventing splashing.

2. Intelligent AromaticSystem technology provides amplification of taste and aroma. This technology uses a dynamic expansion of the infusion chamber. As a result, the expansion of the contact area between coffee and hot water increases the extraction degree.

3. Patented ComfortDoor system provides convenient access to the removable water container with the help of fully opening front door.

4. A special system automatically flushes all milk lines after each cycle.

This model also has a high-quality glass milk container.


The coffee machine uses ground coffee or coffee beans.

This model provides creation of up to ten user profiles. Settings adjust the grind level, the amount of ground coffee, the temperature and the amount of water for one serving. Adjustment for one serving varies from 5 to 12 grams of ground coffee.

This coffee machine can use ground coffee or coffee beans.

Moreover, model provides creation of up to ten user profiles. For example, the settings adjust the grind level, the amount of ground coffee, the temperature and the amount of water for one serving. Wherein, adjustment for one serving varies from 5 to 12 grams of ground coffee.

Additionally, Miele CVA6805 can making two cups simultaneously.

Cappuccino mode has an option in the menu. Model operates as follows in this mode. Initially, сoffee machine sucks milk from a container under the cappuccinatore. Then, it froths the milk, forming a lush foam and sents it to the cup with coffee.

Of course, the model supports a full set of modern traditional functions, including self-cleaning and descaling functions, grinding adjustment, self-diagnostics, programming the water hardness and on / off time. Moreover, special indicators form notifications about the filling degree of containers for coffee beans and water, the water tray, the need to activate the descaling program. Additionally, virtually all removable parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Dimensions of the device are 17.7 x 23.4 x 21 inches. The model weighs 60 pounds. The company offers an optional trolley on wheels to move the coffee machine in the room.

A very high price is the only traditional drawback of the models of this segment.

The work of this espresso machine is great shown on the video.

4 thoughts on “Review of the built-in Miele CVA6805 coffee machine”

  1. I have just purchased the Miele 805 to replace my 601.
    This 800series machine is such a disappointment. It is incredibly needy. I can make about 3 cups of coffee before there is a notice to empty this or fill this or clean this…on and on. I get up in the morning expecting to get an immediate cup of coffee only to have to perform several processes before I get a cup. I loved my earlier model, which lasted a long time and didn’t need so much work for a cup of coffee. This one I cannot recommend – it needs too much attention

  2. I agree with your opinion. Extending smart functionality is quite a challenge. As a result, new features often do not compensate for the decrease in usability due to the complexity of the algorithms. But this is a common situation for the consumer electronics segment. For marketing reasons, many companies are often forced to update their product lineups. For example, Samsung in some years offers up to 40 new smartphones! The range of new LG TVs is also annually replenished with several dozen models. This trend is quite natural for fierce competition in an innovative boom. But, unfortunately, not all upgrades are successful. In the best case, only a few of the most successful models remain on the market after 1-2 years. Therefore, the list of bestsellers usually includes models of past years that have already proven their competitiveness.

  3. Rather expensive parts do not last long; have one nearly 4 years and it now needs a ceramic valve which costs over $600. The machine has less than 2,000 cups of usage. I am still waiting for this part, it has been over 2 weeks.
    Very disappointed, we are redoing our kitchen and will make sure to avoid any Miele appliances.

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