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Samsung QN900B

Best 8K TVs

Samsung QN900B 8K vs Sony Z9J 8K vs TCL 6-Series 8K Review

This article compares the best 8K TVs, including Samsung QN900B/800B, TCL 6-Series 8K miniLED QLED and Sony Z9J 8K, their marketing prospects, main specs, key features, image quality, 8K upscaling, etc. The video in article shows the TCL 6-Series miniLED 8K TVs with intelligent AIPQ Engine technology.

TCL X925 Pro

Hisense and TCL TVs 2022 Review

This article discusses the new Hisense and TCL TVs 2022, including Hisense L9G, PX1-PRO and L5G Laser TVs, Hisense U9H and U8H series, TCL X925 Pro and 98R754 TVs, their launch prices, new technologies, main specs, etc. The article also has a video with new TCL X925 Pro TV.

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