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Washer control

Washer control

The control system is one of the main in any modern programmable device, because it affects the model functionality that is based on pre-installed and custom modes and programs. Therefore, the choice of the washer essentially depends on the capabilities of the control system.


Modern models have the mechanical switches, buttons and touch controls. Wherein, most models simultaneously use all types of controls.

Rotary switches provide settings of program, modes, temperature, spin speed, etc. in manual mode. The choice of the program is usually carried out with the help of special pictorial images. Each step of the wash program is displayed on the slowly rotating switch. This control system is convenient for users with conservative habits.

Electronic control is more flexible and perfect. Washing machine automatically adjusts the amount of detergents and water, weighs the linen, determines the degree of its contamination and a cloth type. Washing temperature, spin speed and the rinsing mode is selected on the basis of these data. Optimality is the main criterion of choice. All the main parameters are displayed with the help of bright color display. The user sees the values of temperature, rotation speed and the countdown timer. These models also determine the uniformity of the laundry distribution in the drum. The control system reduces the rotation speed to reduce vibration in case of uneven filling of the drum. Sensors at various points provide information about water hardness, its temperature and transparency. The last parameter characterizes the rinsing quality. Electronics also disables device at the termination of water ingress, excessive foaming or leakage.

Of course, this functionality can not be realized with simple rotary switches. Such a control system typically uses electronic buttons and a touch panel.

Unfortunately, the electronic control system can make mistakes, eg, when unstable mains voltage. Therefore, the mechanical control is traditionally considered to be more reliable.

Front models

Usually, buttons and sensor elements are located on the front panel next to the hatch. Moreover, many modern models have LCD displays.

Dispenser with three compartments is usually located on the left side on the same panel.

One compartment is designed for powder. Other compartment is used for pouring liquid detergent. The third compartment is intended for conditioner, etc. The dispenser is easily removed and cleaned.

The upper plane does not contain sensors and buttons and can be used as an additional shelf. Such washing machine can be installed under the worktop in the kitchen or built into the furniture in the room.

Top load washer

Controls in these models often are located on the top panel.

However, in recent years, models with controls on the vertical panel behind the top cover are more popular.

The dispenser is usually found under the top cover. Unfortunately, top panel can not be used as a table top, because the drum should be periodically ventilated to prevent mold due to high humidity. This aspect is one of the main drawbacks of these models.

In recent years, some companies offer models with support WiFi control.

But today this function is available only in expensive models. This video demonstrates the steps to connect Samsung Crystal Blue model to Wifi with Samsung Smart Home app.

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