Review of Krups EA8050 Compact Espresseria and Jura ENA 3 Ristretto Black coffee machines

Krups and Jura coffee machines traditionally compete with each other in the upper price segment. Models under these brands are characterized by high reliability, stylish design, innovative technologies and high quality of assembly and materials. Of course, their price is also quite high, but it’s quite adequate to the high consumer properties of these models.

Krups EA8050 Compact Espresseria

This model belongs to the middle price segment. Krups EA8050 is compact and has a traditional design.

The taste of the finished coffee essentially depends on the water quality. Therefore, a special very effective filter for water is the advantage of this model.

It provides water softening and delays many harmful impurities. In particular, the filter cleans water from chlorine by 85%. Its operation is based on the principle of ascending flow. Filtration is activated to prepare each new portion of the beverage when the water is sucked in by the pump.

The capacity of the water container is 1.8 liters that is lot for compact model.

The built-in coffee grinder provides adjustment of the grinding degree. Ground coffee can also be used for brewing coffee.

A capacious container for coffee grains is designed for 275 grams that exceeds the same parameter even in many full-size models.

The adjustable dispenser height is convenient for using cups of different heights. A special container for milk is intended for making cappuccino and latte.

Pressing the button activates the suction of milk from the container, heating and mixing. Milk foam or hot milk is automatically fed into the cup.

The large bright display is very comfortable.

Jura ENA 3 Ristretto

The Swiss Jura brand does not need a presentation. Products of this company for many years enjoy a deservedly high reputation. ENA 3 Ristretto is a compact model from this manufacturer.

Its width is less than 10 inches that is very convenient for a small kitchen. Compactness is the main advantage of this model.

Control is also very simple and convenient. A reliable rotary switch and a text display with color indication provide control and the choice of the required mode.

Swiss engineers have achieved very low levels of energy consumption. Patented technology reduces energy consumption to zero in standby mode.

The model has a water filtration, system of preliminary wetting to enhance taste and aroma, and forms a warning about the need to replace the filter.

Unfortunately, the container capacity for water is only 1.1 liters. However, this is normal for a compact model. The container holds 125 grams of coffee beans. The built-in grinder provides three grinding degrees.

Jura ENA 3 simultaneously prepares two cups. The dispenser height varies from 65 to 111 mm that is convenient for cups of different heights.

The coffee strength and brewing temperature are regulated. In particular, the brewing temperature has two preset values.

Descaling is carried out automatically with the help of Jura cleaning tablets.This process can be viewed on video.

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