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Design and control of the dishwashers

Design and control of the dishwashers

Modern dishwashers are technically complex devices. High competition in this segment stimulates companies to constantly improve their models, using innovations to expand functionality of dishwasher. Therefore, today the market offers a large number of models with different technical characteristics of the dishwasher that vary in a wide range. Of course, the design and control also significantly affects the choice of the optimum dishwasher, because the usability of the any model largely depends on these factors.

Dishwasher controls

Practically all modern dishwashers are equipped with electronic control that is more often implemented with the help of buttons.

Some models are equipped with touch screen that displays information about the program and time before its completion.

Expensive models often have a self-diagnostic function and display the information about errors.

Screen provides information about the selected program, operation process and to time before completion. The sensors inform about the presence of salt and rinse aid.

Fully embedded models have often decorative panel on the front surface without display. The AEG-Electrolux engineers have developed original TimeBeam technology for solve this problem. TimeBeam projects information onto the floor.

Today this technology is used in the AEG F 88400 VI, Electrolux ESL 4300 RO, Zanussi ZDV 15001 FA, Zigmund & Shtain DW89.4503X, BEKO DIS 5630, etc. Video at the end perfectly demonstrates this technology.

LED indicator or beep is activated after program completion. Of course, beep is not very convenient at night. More expensive models ensure its shutdown with separate button. Unfortunately, the deactivation of this option in many cheaper models is possible only with the help of factory settings.

Opportunity of lock the control panel refers to additional features.

Almost all models have a delay start timer. Such models provide the start delay on 3, 6 or 9 hours. More expensive models envisage installation in the range from 1 to 24 hours.

Some smart models support Custom Program that simplifies the choice of the optimal mode.

Rocker and protection against leakage

Some models have the rockers for supplying water on the cookware.

They are located on several levels and have the different configurations. This engineering solution provides the water penetration into hard to reach places of the basket with cookware.

Bosch Company uses dual swivel rocker in the upper tray. The technology of alternately supplying water into the upper and lower parts allows them to operate alternately. This reduces the water consumption approximately on 20% and increases the overall efficiency. This technology is used, for example, in SF 25M250 and SF 24T257 models from Siemens or in S58M58X1 and S58M43X1 models from Neff.

Protection against leakage have different names. For example, Siemens calls this system AquaStop. It was designed in 1985 and has been used successfully so far.

Triple protection includes dual water hose for the pressure to 70 bars, the pallet with float switch and a safety valve on the water supply hose. The system is very effective. For example, Bosch and Siemens Companies give full guarantee against leaks for the entire period of operating life. Aqua Stop is also used in the models of Gorenje (Slovenia), Hansa (Poland), SMEG (Italy) Companies. Many manufacturers have developed their own protection system. This, for example, Aqua Control in the AEG-Electrolux models, Acquasafe in ARDO models, Water Stop in Hotpoint-Ariston models, Waterproof-System and Waterproof-Metal in Miele models and others.

Dishwashers with full protection from leakage are significantly more expensive compared to models without this feature.

Basket design

Engineers are constantly improving this element. For example, Experience Series (Hotpoint-Ariston, Italy) models have adjustable basket for cookware with the possibility of increasing its capacity.

The lower shelf in Prime line models (Indesit, Italy) is equipped with a folding rear wall. This innovation is designed for cookware with large dimensions.

Carisma models from Whirlpool have an additional third basket that is placed on top and consists of two parts. It’s also designed for large cookware.

This engineering solution is usually called the Third Rack.

But these models are significantly more expensive.

The holder for knives, illumination and filtration

Holder for knives is used, for example, in the ARDO model baskets (Italy). It reliably fixes the knives, spoons and forks, and protects hands from accidental cuts. The inner surface is also reliably protected from scratches.

Illumination in this devices till is not widespread. Although, this function can be useful in some cases. For example, it’s convenient for visual control or at night. Today, SN66T055EU, SN26T896EU (Siemens), F80860 (AEG-Electrolux) and some others models of top segment are equipped with backlight.

Most modern models have quite complicated, but effective filtration system.

Multistage cleaning system generally includes a strainer of stainless steel, the microfilter and a filter of rough clearing. Block filters are cleaned after approx ten cycles. Microfilter is washed after each cycle. Clean filters ensure the high quality and reduce the energy consumption for water heating. Many models are equipped with self-cleaning filter. This saves water due to its repeated use for washing.

Of course, the filtration system affects the usability. For example, Indesit and Hotpoint-Ariston models have autonomous recess of microfilter.

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