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How to choose a dishwasher

How to choose a dishwasher

Of course, pactically all modern kitchens have a dishwasher. In fact, this device has long been its indispensable attribute. But high demand stimulates the efforts of companies in this segment. As a consequence, modern market in abundance offers a wide range of various dishwashers. Therefore, the choice of the optimal model is sometimes not very simple. Of course, it primarily depends on the price and functionality of dishwasher. But, the technical values also significantly affect its capabilities. However, the design and control system of the dishwasher affect the usability of this device. Therefore, the totality of all these factors is the main criterion for choosing a model.

Of course, dishwasher is selected for a specific kitchen. Therefore, the model dimensions are important. Usally, most of the devices are designed for installation in standard furniture module with a width of 23,6 in, a height of 32,3-33,4 in and a depth of 21,6-22,4 in.


All models of dishwashers are divided according to size on the following types:

– desktop;

– compact;

– narrow;

– full-size.

Desktop dishwashers have the very small sizes and fit easily on the ordinary countertop. Typically, the dimensions of these models do not exceed 20 inches in height, width and depth.

The small capacity is the main drawback of these models.

Compact dishwashers are divided into embedded and freestanding.

The capacity of these models is calculated for 1-5 sets of dishes. But most models are calculated for 4 sets. Standard set includes saucer, cup, fork, glass, knife, spoon and three plates with a various depth.

Small size is a major advantage of such models. The relatively small number of installed software functions is their main drawback.

All narrow models refer to floor-stand type. They have width of 17,7-19,7 and a standard height of 33,46 in.

Capacity of these models usually does not exceed 9 sets. Their functionality is almost identical of full-size a model.

Dishwasher with a width of 23,6 and a height of 33,46 inches refer to full-size models.

Low power consumption and high performance are the main advantages of these models. Their power consumption and detergent consumption are practically identical to narrow models.

But, their functionality differs slightly. Most such models have the electronic controls, delay timer, indicators, adjustable temperature modes, adjustable baskets and many programs.

Cookware is stacked in special baskets. Pots and pans are usually placed in the lower part. The upper trays are intended for plates.

Models with 2 trays are very popular. This design uses two compartments that can operate autonomously. For example, one compartment may be used to wash dishes, and the second – to store it. The relatively high price is the main disadvantage of these models.


Dishwashers differ in design. They are divided into free-standing and built-in.

The design of the embedded models has a specific feature. Partially built-in models have a partially open control panel on the outer panel. For example, Smeg PLA4525X, Kaiser S 45 U 71 XL, Bomann GSPE 774.1 and Miele G 4700 SCi models have such a layout.

Fully integrated dishwasher is closed from front side with the help of a furniture shield and looks like a kitchen cupboard. Control panel in these models is located on the edge of a folding door. For example, such an arrangement of control panel is implemented in the fully embedded Siemens SR 66T090, Hotpoint-Ariston LST 1149 and Whirlpool ADG 145 models.

The use of a metal plate on the table surface for protection from the steam is a feature of the built-in models.

Range of built-in models is much wider compared to free-standing due to increased demand. Saving space and unified style of kitchen design are their main advantages. But free-standing dishwashers are much cheaper compared to built-in models. Additionally, the companies often provide an opportunity for integration of their models into kitchen furniture. Typically, these models have a removable top panel to reduce the device height.

Commercial dishwashers

These models have a much higher capacity.

Washing is carried out about 2 times faster. Most devices have a heater for heating water to required temperature. High cost and large energy consumption are their main disadvantages.

In recent years, many companies are actively using steam for cleaning in household appliances. American Whirlpool Company offers a model with steam technology that is called AquaSteam. AquaSteam is very effective for washing the fragile or very dirty cookware. This technology additionally provides an antibacterial effect.

Water supply

Most devices have only cold water supply. Simultaneous connection of device to hot and cold water provide very few models. Of course, connection to the hot water supply is more favorable in terms of saving time and electricity. But companies claim that heating up of cold water is safer, and cold water in the water pipe always is cleaner.

This video shows a new compact Panasonic desktop dishwasher.

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