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Attachments for meat grinder

Attachments for meat grinder

The choice of the optimal meat grinder depends on its price, technical characteristics and functionality. But functionality of modern meat grinders, food processors and other kitchen devices significantly depends on the set of their attachments that are supplied complete or purchased separately.

Today, the market offers a wide range of different accessories that can expand the functionality of the meat grinder to the equivalent of an inexpensive a food processor. This list includes the following most popular attachments.

The perforated plate discs for minced meat and Kubbe attachment

These discs provide processing the meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc. Usually, it’s made of stainless steel with a plurality of holes over the entire area. Of course, diameter of holes affects the consistency of finished minced meat. Therefore, modern models have usually multiple disks with holes of different diameters.

Typically, modern models use disks with a diameter of holes about 3, 5 and 8 mm.

Of course, selection of the optimal disk depends on the meat quality. For eaple, the disc with holes diameter of 3 mm is well suited for soft meat without tendons. The disc with holes of 8 mm is designed for the hard meat with tendons. But sometimes, grinding in two stages with a reduction in the diameter of the holes is optimal.

As known, Kubbe is a dish of Arab cuisine that is a hollow tube of minced meat. Kubbe attachment forms the hollow tubes of minced meat with addition of wheat flour.

The tubes are cut, are filled by various fillings and are fried in the oven or grilled.

Today, the Internet offers a large number of recipes for different Kibbeh recipes. At the same time, experiments with a composition of fillers are a great opportunity to create your own recipe of this delicacy.

Sausage, shredding and juicing

Sausage attachment is attached to the grinder outlet and provides forming the sausages.

But, the uniformity of its filling is adjusted manually. Standard complete set usually contains from 1 to 3 attachments for cooking sausages with different diameters.

Shredding attachment is a drum with longitudinal slots for cutting the vegetables and fruits on neat slices. Size of longitudinal slots affects the slices thickness. This attachment is inserted into the housing instead of the auger.

Modern models have from 1 to 3 drums with different sizes of the slits.

Of course, juicing attachment provides juicing and puree from fruits and vegetables. Juicer on many models is identical to the traditional juicer with horizontal auger and a removable attachment.

Some models provide a cooking the very thick juice with pulp. This technology uses the auger movement within the conical grater that provides very high efficiency. Almost the entire mass of fruit is processed into juice.

Special attachment for tomatoes provides the cooking a tomato paste and juice.

Attachment for citrus traditionally uses a cone with a ribbed surface.

Other attachments

The cutting by cubes use special nozzle to cut vegetables and fruits into cubes.

Of course, practically all modern models have attachments for forming spaghetti, noodles or traditional pasta in tubules form.

For example, attachment for forming cookie contains several holes with different shapes. Selection of a desired hole is carried out with the help of a special flap.

Video convincingly demonstrates the functionality expansion with attachments.

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