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The main characteristics of modern meat grinders

The main characteristics of modern meat grinders

The meat grinder has long been one of the most popular kitchen appliances. Of course, the companies offer this function in various multifunctional models. For example, it’s one of the main in the modern food processors. Nevertheless, the maximum productivity and good price / quality ratio ensure stable popularity of the meat grinder as a separate device.

Abundance of proposals sometimes complicates the choice of the optimal model that depends on its functionality and technical characteristics. The list of main characteristics includes the following parameters.


Of course, engine power is one of the main parameters of meat grinder. It directly affects the model performance. The power value of engine in modern meat grinders varies from 100 to 3000 W.

Models with power up to 450 W are classified as low-powered. These devices are effective only for processing meat without tendons. Such meat grinders have compact dimensions and low weight.

Models with an average power from 450 to 800 W are the most popular. They are optimal for everyday use in a family up to 4 people.

Meat grinders with engine more of 800 W are classified as powerful models. They provide high performance. Such models are usually equipped with a large quantity of various additional functions. Powerful meat grinder is optimal for big family.

There is also the concept of peak power or power of jammed. It characterizes a critical mode, for example, at jamming the screw due to contact with a large bone. Almost all modern models are equipped with motor overload protection.

Of course, the engine power directly impacts on the noise level during operation. This indicator is significantly higher for the powerful models.

But the auger effort depends not only on the power. This value is inversely proportional to the auger diameter. Therefore, a narrow meat grinder provides a greater effort compared to wider model. But, its processing speed is lower.

Practice shows that value of the maximum effort is more important compared to speed. Therefore, a model with a smaller diameter is preferable ceteris paribus.

Of course, electricity consumption is directly proportional to power. But this factor is not important due to very low overall cost.

Performance and maximum continuous operating time

Performance characterizes the maximum amount processed meat during one minute. A performance range of modern models varies from 1.2 to 9 Lb / min.

This parameter depends on the engine power and the meat consistency. Powerful model provides high performance even during processing the hard meat with tendons.

Meat grinder with motor of 1000 W provides the performance from 2 to 3,5 Lb / min, depending on the meat quality and sizes of pieces.

Maximum continuous operating time is important in combination with the continuous operating time. Almost all modern models work cyclically. Many manufacturers do not advertise this aspect for marketing reasons. However, it’s important.

The meat grinder electric motor is very heated during operation and periodically requires interruption in work for natural cooling. For example, some inexpensive models work less 5 minutes, and their cooling time is 20-30 minutes. Continuous operation time of other models reaches 30 minutes, but their performance in this mode is only 1,3 Lb / min. Therefore, this information is important for choosing a model.

Duration of continuous operation and cooling for the modern models is 10-15 and 10-20 minutes, respectively.

Maximum height, material of housing, auger, tray and weight

Maximum height affects the allowable height of containers for minced meat. The value of this parameter varies from 110 to 140 mm.

Typically, moder models use for housing plastic, steel or stainless steel.

Meat grinder with housing of food plastic is lightweight, but requires careful handling due to low mechanical strength. Many models have a combined housing from plastic with metal inserts. Steel usually closes the front panel for simplifying cleaning. Housing of high-quality durable plastic good withstands the standard load.

Meat grinder with metal housing looks more respectable.

The models of the upper price segment usually have a fully metal housing. It’s maximally durable and heat resistant.

Of course, auger is one of the main components the device. It moves the meat to the knife. Accordingly, the maximum mechanical load is redistributed on auger. Therefore augers for meat grinders traditionally are made from strong steel grades.

However, some manufacturers are experimenting in this direction by making the screws with plastic tips. But the reliability and service life of such models are questionable.

Modern models have metal or plastic trays for meat. Unfortunately, plastic trays often change color during operation due to exposure, for example, vegetable juices. And, of course, they have a rather low mechanical strength.

Metal trays are more expensive but they are more durable and environmentally friendly.

The weight of modern models does not exceed 15 Lb. It mainly depends on the material of housing and tray.

Oddly enough, in recent years, the market often offers the original low-cost and reliable manual models. The video shows such a meat grinder.

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