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Drip Wilfa Svart Precision coffee makers

Drip Wilfa Svart Precision coffee makers

In the last few decades, the popularity of automatic espresso coffee machines and Nespresso single-serve coffee makers is constantly growing. As a result, they have long been the sales leaders, displacing traditional coffee makers. However, companies continue to produce traditional models including drip, carob, geyser coffee makers and Moka (Bialetti) pots (analogous to a geyser with two tanks). Each of them has their pros that allow them to compete successfully in today’s market. The drip Wilfa Svart Precision (Norwegian: Presisjon) WSP coffee maker belongs to this type.

Norwegian Wilfa company was was founded in 1948 and specializes in the development of small kitchen appliances. In 2013, the company developed a very successful WSP-1A/B, which still competes successfully in the market. As known, it was designed with world champion barista Tim Wendelboe.

Model name perfectly matches its key feature. Norwegian developers have been able to create a hybrid of a kitchen device with an appliance from a scientific laboratory. It provides:

– flow control – precise coffee recipe;

– precise heating system – almost instantly provides optimal water temperature and maintains it throughout the brewing cycle;

– right ratio of coffee to water – provides the required coffee strength;

– precise timing – precision pump provides very exact duration for each stage throughout the entire process.

The Wilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A drip coffee maker is the second generation.

Wilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A coffee maker
Wilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A coffee maker

In fact, the company reduced the noise level, replaced the pump and thermoblock. The WSP can be classified as a premium drip coffee maker, which is great for coffee lovers and professional coffee bars. Today the WSP-1 is sold in online stores for several hundred US dollars. The WSP-2A costs just under $ 350 (€ 290).

Wilfa Svart Precision coffee maker

In fact, Wilfa Precision provides drip (Pour Over) coffee brewing with immersion function by adjusting the outlet water flow rate. Usually, immersion brewing uses a coarse grind and blend the water and coffee at the same time. Drip technology uses a medium, medium coarse, or medium fine grind and slowly adding water over the coffee grounds. Both brewing methods allowing you to experiment with ground size, water temperatures, and water-to-coffee ratios. WSP combines these technologies in part, expanding the possibilities of of making coffee.

When fully opened, water quickly passes through the coffee. But setting the regulator to minimum partially overlaps the funnel, prolonging the contact time between the ground coffee and water and increasing the extraction.

wilfa flow regulator
wilfa flow regulator

Any traditional drip coffee maker dispenses water in drops. Typically, its performance provides a thin stream of droplets at a temperature of 80-85°C. Unfortunately, the water temperature fluctuates in the plus / minus 10°C range. Temperature instability is due to the operation principle of a drip coffee maker, in which boiling water rises upward through a narrow capillary. It has not changed since the 50s of the last century and was used in the first German drip Wigomat FK-1 coffee maker.

Wigomat FK-1
Wigomat FK-1

Wilfa WSP has become a new generation of drip models with an increased stable brewing temperature, which increased by an average of 10-15°C.

In addition, WSP uses:

– dividing the water flow into many microflows, which are more evenly sprayed over the ground coffee in the filter through the holes in the perforated dispenser.

wilfa water spray
wilfa water spray

– immersion effect due to water speed control with the help of adjusting the filter hole diameter.

Key features

Of course, the coffee taste depends significantly on the brewing temperature, the observance of which, in turn, depends on its stability. Lower temperatures around 80ºC provide a sour taste due to insufficient extraction. The range of 92-96ºC provides a more balanced taste with flavor gradations depending on the coffee varieties. But temperature fluctuations complicate this task significantly. To solve this problem, Wilfa uses an aluminum thermoblock with a high heat transfer coefficient and a specially precision pump.

At high flow rate, the thermoblock of espresso models does not have time to evenly warm up the water and its temperature fluctuates significantly.

The flow rate in drip Wilfa is much lower. For example, the coffee maker provides only 0.5 liters of water in about 125 seconds. Coffee dripping into the jug lasts up to a minute, depending on the grinding degree and immersion value. As a result, a complete brewing cycle of 500 ml in Wilfa takes almost three minutes.

In addition, the company uses a separate electric heating instead of heating the stand from the thermoblock. Of course, this factor also increases the stability of the brewing temperature.

Additionally, a special tube directs fresh coffee to the jug bottom.

wilfa coffee jug
wilfa coffee jug

Philips calls a similar solution Aroma Swirl technology. It ensures a constant circulation of fresh hot and slightly cooled coffee in the jug. In theory, this mixing improves the coffee uniformity.

In addition, the Wilfa WSP-2A works without water residues. Apparently, the company provides this useful function with a using a pump flowmeter, determining the water amount, and a valve after the thermoblock, which blocks the return of water to the system. Therefore, the water circuit is always practically dry, providing fresh water for every new cycle.



– excellent coffee quality due to a stable and accurate brewing temperature;

– always fresh water;

– convenient removable water tank with water coffee ratio.

Wilfa Svart Precision water coffee ratio
Wilfa Svart Precision water coffee ratio

– low gravity center makes it easy to carry the coffee maker.


– no built-in coffee grinder;

– excessive brevity of the instruction does not even contain a step-by-step decalcification algorithm;

– incorrect operation of the flowmeter for the first few cycles;

– no spare parts;

– simplified control with only two buttons eliminates advanced user settings.

Wilfa Svart Precision WSP-2A coffee maker can be an ideal solution for coffee fans with a limited budget. Today some online stores offer WSP-2A for less than $ 350 (€ 290). Moreover, the discounted price of the WSP-1A even reaches $ 200. Considering the cost of automatic espresso machines from $ 600, and the high coffee quality, this choice is very reasonable. But, of course, this model is hardly suitable for lovers of coffee milk drinks. However, some people prefer to manually add milk froth and other ingredients.

The video offers Wilfa Svart Precision user guide.

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