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Features of cooktops

Features of cooktops

Today the market offers traditional gas and electric cooktops, including models with a glass-ceramic surface and with an induction heating element. High competition stimulates the companies to constantly expand the functionality of its models. As a result, this list is regularly replenished with new features that increase their competitiveness and significantly affect the selection of the optimal cooktop.

List of most popular functions

Automatic detection of cookware diameter.

Device automatically detects the diameter of the cookware bottom and selects a large or small heating circuit in a double-circuit burner or in a burner with an additional heating zone.

This feature increases energy efficiency.


This feature was developed by Siemens engineers. BratSensor is designed for control in the frying mode. It controls the operation of the heating zone and informs about reaching the desired temperature with the help of beep or visual signal. This is prevents the ignition of fat and overheating the cookware.


PowerBoost function is designed for increase the power of any heating zone by about 50%. This function is implemented, for example, in induction Samsung models.

Express burner

Express burners provide more power and less heating time. These are designed for quick cooking and are convenient for a quick warm-up, high-temperature processing food and rapid heating to the boiling temperature. Express cooking zone immediately is switched at full power. Power is reduced after heating to a predetermined temperature. Express-burners in traditional models are usually allocated by a red circle in the middle.

Today Super-Blitz burner is one of the best versions of express burners.

TWIST Control Panel

It provides a higher degree of protection against children with the help of removable magnetic knobs.

The corresponding cooking zone is switched off by removing or shifting one or more magnetic knobs. Of course, this control is not more difficult compared to the traditional switches. Additionally, removable magnets significantly simplifies the panel cleaning due to absence of protruding knobs and buttons. The work of magnetic knob is shown on the video at the end.

TempControl, Safe Stop, residual heat indicator, infrared sensor and Stop Sensor

TempControl function is activated when reaching the set temperature and automatically keeps the preset temperature with high accuracy.

Safe Stop automatically shuts off individual burners or the entire device in the absence of commands for a specified time. Some models have an additional safety thermostat that turns off the burner in case of overheating.

The residual heat indicator in glass-ceramic models provides safety from accidental burns and energy saving.

It continues to glow after turning off to a safe surface temperature. Indicator also helps to choose a warm zone for warm up.

The infrared sensor provides automatic control of cooking process. It constantly measures the temperature inside the pans providing the heating to the preset temperature. Further the temperature is automatically keeps in the optimal mode. Moreover, the system forms beep or visual signal after reaching the set temperature. This option prevents even the effervescence of milk.

KochSensor infrared sensor was developed and patented by Siemens.

StopSensor or Cook Stop is implemented in electric models and is intended for safety in the absence of the owner. It stops the performance of all functions on three minutes. Pressing the button again during this time resumes operation of cooktop according to the interrupted program. Otherwise the device is switched off.

CookStop uses motion sensor that is constantly monitoring motion in the kitchen. It automatically turns off the device in the absence of movement for 5 minutes.

WOK and halogen burners

This 3-circuit heating element provides a powerful, normal or economical a heating mode that is most effective when using the corresponding WOK- cookware.

Halogen burner has a large power. In fact, it instantly heats up and very quickly cools down, providing maximum heating immediately after switching on. Therefore, the boiling time is much less compared to other types of burners. High-temperature spiral in gas-filled quartz tube provides heating. This lamp emits bright red light with the release of a large amount of heat. What is important, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the cookware bottom with minimal loss of power.

Heating zone with extension, recognition system, timer, memory and lock function

Such heating zones are designed for optimum heating of oval cookware, for example, cookware for cooking a fish that has an oval bottom.

Additional heating zone is switched on with the help of separate button.

The recognition system simplifies control, optimizes energy consumption and provides greater safety. For example, it activates the heating zone only when the cookware is placed in the center, and automatically turns off after removing it. Of course, this saves electricity.

Of course, timer provides programming cooking times. It automatically turns off the burner or forms beep after the set time.

Many modern models have the memory for save of most frequently used programs. This option provides their launch at any time in the automatic mode. Moreover, each heating zone may have its own program. Of course, this function is very convenient, for example, for the cooking eggs in the morning.

Lock function blocks all functions. Pressing again cancels the locks. But some models can even block specific burner.

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