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Refrigerator choice

Refrigerator choice

As known, artificial cooling the food with the help of ice appeared in the mid-1750s. But in 1834, the first vapor-compression refrigeration system was created. The first household refrigerator was invented by Florence Parpart in 1913.

Of course, the use of freon as a refrigerant significantly expanded the popularity of these devices, and frozen foods have become commonplace. Today, the refrigerator is an indispensable attribute of any kitchen. The constant high demand is accompanied by fierce competition between the companies. They constantly improve their models, expanding their functionality through the use of innovative digital and cooling technologies. No Frost and Family Hub Smart Fridge technologies are an excellent illustration of this trend.

Of course, almost all modern refrigerators contain a freezer. A refrigerator or a fridge is a cooling device for foods preservation at temperatures from a few degrees celsius and above. As known, a fridge differs from a freezer by a range of temperatures. Of course, freezer rovides considerably lower temperatures. For example, modern commercial models freeze fish at minus 77 degrees celsius.

Of course, the refrigerator choice basically depends on its technical values. But they, in turn, essentially depend on the design of the model.

Basically, today the market offers 4 main types of refrigeration equipment.

The location of the freezer and the design of the doors are among the main differences of modern models.

Top Freezer Refrigerator

Fridges with freezer at the top are the most common. They may have one or two doors.


– the lowest price;

– minimum energy consumption;

– the widest range;

– excellent service.


– inconvenient access to the lower shelves;

– minimal innovations.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The freezer compartment of these refrigerators is located at the bottom and occupies about a third of the fridge. Its door may open like a drawer or like a door.


– convenient access to food in the refrigerator;

– lower prices compared to side-by-side and French door fridges;

– more features compared to Top Freezer models.


– requires a lot of kitchen space because of the door;

– inconvenient access to the freezer.


The doors of these models open in the same way as the doors of the cabinet.


– large internal volume.

Today, these models have a maximum capacity, which reaches 30 cu. ft. Most modern models are also equipped with removable shelves and retractable containers, which provide additional useful volume.

– A large number of additional functions.

These models often have an ice maker, an economical compress, a dispenser, a built-in bar, an anti finger-print option, etc. But these models require connection to the water supply system and the installation of a water filter.

– use of innovative digital and cooling technologies.


– requires a lot of kitchen space because of the large dimensions;

– high price;

– increased noise due to the use of fans.

French Door

Dimensions and doors are the main features of the French Door form factor. They are similar to Side-by-Side models in depth and location of the evaporator, but occupy an intermediate position in width. They are wider compared to traditional European models, but narrower than 35-inch refrigerators, which are popular in America.

The width of a typical French Door model is 27-32 inches. Accordingly, their internal useful volume exceeds the traditional one door combi models (12 cu. ft.), but much less even relatively small Side-by-Side (18 cu. ft. and more). Too wide doors are uncomfortable and often break. This aspect limits the door width in combi models. The doors of the French Door are significantly narrower, more reliable and comfortable, which is their main advantage.

Additionally, the retractable freezer in the form of a large drawer has become a very successful engineering solution for these models.

Today these hybrid models combine the pros of French Door and Side-by-Side. Electrolux ERZ45800 is such a model.

Small freezers reliably keep the cold, and the narrow doors are comfortable to use and reliable.

This video demonstrates the capabilities of Samsung RF31FMESBSR French Door Refrigerator.

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