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Refrigerator features

Refrigerator features

First electric refrigerator is appeared 100 years ago. Today it`s an indispensable attribute of any modern kitchen. The high popularity of these household appliances is accompanied by fierce competition between companies that constantly expand the functionality of their models with the help of innovative technologies. But, of course, the price and technical values also significantly affect the choice of the optimal refrigerator.

Silver Nano Anti-Bacterial Coating

The inner walls in the refrigerator are covered by the silver nano anti-bacterial coating that prevents growth of mold and bacteria. According to Samsung engineers, this coating destroys 99.9% of bacteria and is effective for the entire period of the refrigerator operation.

Built-in LED display or TV

Additionally, many modern refrigerators have often the LCD display or even TV. Moreover, market offers SMART models that provide WiFi control. For example, the patented Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge technology enters into group of the most innovative modern technologies.

Ice maker and dispenser

Unfortunately, ice maker requires the connection of a refrigerator to the water supply system. The water freezes after filtration, and the ice is collected in special compartment in the cubes form. Switching off the ice generator is carried out when filling the reservoir for its storing to exclude foreign odors. Ice machine has often a ice knife. These functions have different names. For example, Samsung calls them Tall External Ice and Slim Ice Master.

Dispenser provides clean, cold water, but requires the installation of a special filter. The video at the end shows these options in the Samsung refrigerator.

Fresh Zone (Flex Cool, Fresh Box, etc.)

Usually, this compartment provides temperature of about zero degrees. In turn, it can be divided into several smaller compartments. In this case, one compartment has the humidity about 90-100% and provides storage of fruit and vegetables. The second compartment with moisture content no more than 50% provides storage of fresh meat and fish. This technology ensures the longest storage of fresh products.

No Frost technology

This technology cools foods by using cold air circulation, which is provided by built-in fans. No Frost technology prevents frost build-up on the inner walls, eliminating the need for periodic manually defrosting.


– no defrost;

– more balanced temperature.

The temperature difference in the refrigerator without No Frost is equal to 5-6 degrees. No Frost provides this value in range of 1-2 degrees.


– additional fan noise is 3-4 dB.

Of course, some companies also offers the noiseless models. But they are more expensive.

– intensive dehydration of products.

Unfortunately, airflow constantly dehydrate the foods, reducing the moisture content in them. But the food storage in the package completely eliminates this problem.

Super freezing mode

Of course, this mode is a short-lived. It provides the temperature below of -24 degrees in the freezer and is intended for fast freezing products in large quantities. Super freezing is normally automatically shut off to reduce the load on the compressor. Manufacturers recommend the activation of this mode a few hours before placing the food products in the freezer.

Additional functions

Child Lock

The buttons in most models are located high enough for the child. However, some models provide locking of the touch panel, preventing accidental change of operating mode or shutdown. However, some models provide touchpad lock, preventing changes the operating mode or off. Some refrigerators have the special built-in lock on the door. This problem is also solved with the help of the special clamps that are sold separately.


As a rule, this system uses LEDs or activates beep. Usually, it is activated when the power fails, when the door is not closed properly or when increase in the temperature inside the refrigerator.


It is often located in a freezer and designed for a precise temperature control.

Vacation mode

Mode keeps the temperature from +10 to -15 degrees in eco mode during the long period. Energy savings reaches 40%.

Super cooling mode

This mode is also short-lived and provides decrease in temperature in the refrigerator compartment to + 2 degrees. It is intended for rapid cooling the large amounts of foods in the refrigerating chamber that is convenient in hot weather.

Anti finger-print

This option is available in the Electrolux models. A special coating prevents the preservation of fingerprints on the refrigerator surface.

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