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Refrigerator filters

Refrigerator filters

Competition compels companies to continuously improve the consumer qualities of their products. Filtering significantly affects the refrigerator functionality, which is one of the main criteria for choosing the optimal model. For example, a water dispenser in Samsung refrigerators requires its connection to the water supply system and installation of a special filter for water purification.

Filters for refrigerators are divided into several types. Most filters are replaceable. Some filters originally are installed in the refrigerator by manufacturer, others are purchased separately. Filters increase storage life food and affect the service life of the refrigerator. They are divided by type and purpose into:

– antibacterial filters;

– water filters for ice maker;

– odor absorbers;

– filter-driers to protect equipment.

Antibacterial air filter

Vegetables and fruits in a refrigerator emit odors and an ethylene gas during ripening that impregnate an inner chamber surface. Antibacterial filter neutralizes an air microflora, increasing the shelf life of food on 2-5 days.

Modern models effectively kill Listeria monocytogenes (genus bacilliform bacteria), Staphylococcus aureus (genus staphylococcal), Escherichia, coli 0157, Salmonella, enteritidis, Aspergillus, etc. The filter, what is important, is not changes a natural food flavor.

Filters typically are designed for 6 months of operation. Then, the filter must be replaced, because the contaminated filter itself becomes a source of bacteria.

Usually, modern models use a beep or light indication that notifies the user about the need to replace of filter. For example, the filter change indicator of the Samsung HAFIN2 / EXP filter is activated before the end of filter life.

Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturers of this filters and installs them on their refrigerators. Whirlpool Microban filters are well known to many users.

The period of use of the filters is usually 6 months after installation in the refrigerator. Their replacement is very simple. The video at the end shows a replacing Whirlpool Fresh Flow Air Filter.

Water filters

The ice maker in the refrigerator is very popular. It freezes the water into ice cubes for adding to beverages. Ice machine is equipped with a special water filter that clears water from the chlorine, lead, and other impurities.

Additionally, it also provides protection of fridge from clogging.

The design device has a built-in or external execution. Filter necessarily is installed in all Side-by-side models and requires of periodic replacement. Modern models are designed for cleaning about 1500 liters of water.

Liebherr, Whirlpool, Bosch, Samsung, LG and Ariston companies are the most popular manufacturers of these devices.

Refrigerator odor absorber

Filters-absorbers are designed for eliminate odors food in the refrigerator

They are inexpensive and are purchased separately. Some companies initially equip their refrigerators by absorbers. Modern odor absorbers are designed about for one year of operation.

Absorbers are produced in two versions. Antibacterial filter based coal is more traditional. Gel-like substance in the blister is more modern and versatile type. Some models simultaneously contain coal and gel. These filters are very compact. Their service life is an average of 3 months.

Virtually all major manufacturers of refrigerators produce such filters. In addition, they are manufactured by companies that specialize in the filters issue, for example, Elica, Liebherr. Design of models is very diverse.

Taste Guard filters are made of polyurethane foam and have a spherical absorbent with a polyamide coating. This design provides effective protection from unpleasant odors, bacteria and fungal spores. They are good suitable for all Electrolux and AEG models.

Filter driers

This filter is a mandatory element of the compressor circuit in fridge. It is designed to remove moisture from the refrigerant and protecting the capillary tube from clogging by solid particles. Moisture even at minimum concentrations provokes the acids formation that disrupt the system.

This filter is located between the condenser and the capillary tube and represents a piece of metal tube with hermetically sealed ends.

Filter length is from 90 to 170 mm. The tube diameter is from 16 to 30 mm. The adsorbent, for example, a synthetic NaA zeolite is located within the filter between two grids in the form of granules with a diameter from 1.5 to 3 mm. Grid filter at the inlet capacitor protects it from the zeolite granules. The holes diameter is big enough. Grid on exit with very small holes provides cleaning liquid refrigerant from impurities.

This filter can not be restored and requires mandatory replacement in case of failure. Today many companies produce these filters.

Correct operation of this element is very important. Too low a temperature in the freezer and the deterioration of cooling function in a common chamber indicates clogging a capillary tube. This can damage the compressor and depressurize the entire system. Replacement of this filter is carried out only by experts of relevant service companies.

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