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Review of the basic rules of coffee machine care

Review of the basic rules of coffee machine care

Any complicated home appliances require care. Coffee machines are not an exception. Cleanliness of the nodes ensures freshness and high quality of beverages. For example, scale impairs the taste of coffee and reduces the device efficiency. Therefore, the coffee machine requires regular maintenance with the use of special cleaning products. Of course, the market offers all the necessary cleaners in abundance.

Main means for care

This list contains:

– means for cleaning from milk after the preparation of cappuccino;

– descaler;

– means for removal of coffee deposits and fats;

– means for cleaning millstone of a coffee grinder from coffee residues.

Manufacturers often insist on using only their means to care for coffee machines. The brand greatly affects their cost. In general, the use of professional high-quality cleaning agents is more beneficial given their required quantity.

The purpose of the cleanser is also of great importance. Of course, the descaling agent will not clear the device from coffee deposits. Improper use of cleanser will not have an effect. In some cases, this can lead even to breakdown.

The sizes of tablets for clearing from coffee fats should correspond to the model. Its size should not exceed the diameter of the brewing block. This problem can arise when using tablet from alternative manufacturer. Therefore, larger tablets should be divided into several parts.

Tablets for decalcification usually dissolve in a glass of hot water and are poured into a container of cold water.

The water quality significantly affects the coffee flavor. Therefore, almost all modern models have an internal filtration system. All large manufacturers of coffee machines produce such filters for their models.

The filter is usually designed for several months of operation. Too prolonged use can lead to bacterial growth in the filter. Of course, the harm from such a filter greatly exceeds its usefulness. Such water has an unpleasant aftertaste and smell.

External filters

Many filters from different manufacturers are unified and suitable for different coffee machines. The choice of a suitable filter depends on its size and slot for connection to a water container. Some such filters have a thread. Therefore, it’s better to choose such a filter by the model name.

There are also several general rules. For example, too fine grinding can lead to clogging the strainer. In this case, the coffee supply speed will be significantly reduced. The container for coffee wastes should be cleaned after several cycles, because they are an excellent medium for mold. The container must be carefully dried after washing.

Some modern models of the upper price segment use steam for cleaning. Such a system, for example, is used in Saeco models. It’s called The Saeco Steam Cleaning Milk Carafe. This and other innovative automatic cleaning technologies in Saeco coffee machines can be viewed on video.

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