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Siemens EQ.9 Coffee Machines innovations

Siemens EQ.9 Coffee Machines innovations

The tough competition of the modern consumer market stimulates companies to constantly improve their models, expanding their functionality with the help of innovations. Of course, the segment of coffee machines is fully consistent with this trend. Leading companies are actively using new technologies, increasing the competitiveness of their models. Siemens EQ.9 coffee machines innovations confirm the commitment to this trend of the well-known BSH Group Concern.

The new flagship Siemens EQ.9 premium series includes the EQ.9 TI903509DE, TI905501DE, TI907501DE and TI909701HC models. The number of user profiles, a set of recipes, the availability of certain modes and the way to heat the cups are the main differences between the models. The most expensive TI909701HC additionally has a built-in Wi-Fi module for remote wireless control using a smartphone or tablet.

Drinks customisation

All models have a large color screen with a large rotary dial.

The intuitive interface prompts and schematically draws all the necessary actions and drinks.
Pressing the large rotary dial starts the making coffee. Of course, the user must first select the settings for making the drink that can be stored in memory. The keys below the screen provide a choice of the values of strength, volume, temperature, pre-wetting time (AromaIntense function) and the percentage of milk in a drink.

The recipe list contains:

– espresso macchiato – espresso and some milk foam;

– ristretto – 20 ml. Unfortunately, DoubleShot mode is not available when preparing half the volume;

– espresso – 40 ml by default. Setting range from 20 to 250 ml;

– espresso doppio – double espresso;

– lungo;

– cappuccino;

– latte macchiato – milk foam and coffee on top;

– latte;

– milk foam;

– coffee pot mode – consistent making the 6 servings of coffee;

– warm milk;

– hot water.

Coffee machines support up to 10 user profiles, each of which is designed for 10 recipes.

Barista Mode

Of course, Barista Mode is a unique innovation in this series.

The choice of the sequence of milk and coffee supply in the cup is its significant advantages. On the other hand, a similar feature is available in Philips Saeco Xelsis series. But Siemens is implementing it for the first time. Unfortunately, this setting affects all milky coffee drinks and is not available for personalized installation in a profile.

AromaIntense feature provides personalized coffee strength settings. Additionally, it also adjusts the volume and coffee / milk ratio for each drink are also regulated. The list of settings contains:

– pre-wetting time;

– one of the 6 available temperatures of water supply to the brewing group (88, 90, 92, 94, 95, 96 ° C).

Of course, maintaining the ideal temperature is very important because it provides maximum aroma during extraction. This function uses the innovative sensoFlow system.

This system adjusts the temperature based on data from the sensors during the entire brewing process.

Screw removable brewing unit

Its design is similar to the brewing unit of Jura models, but is removable.

It presses the coffee tablet with the help of screw rod that is a guide for container with ground coffee. Jura coffee machines use similar tablet formation principle. It provides a uniform force over the entire area due to the vertical design and a large squeezing force.

The brewing unit holds between 5 and 14 grams of coffee. The upper value is larger compared to most Melitta and Saeco models, and similar to Delonghi coffee machines.

Improved automatic cappuccinator

Milk jug is installed from the left side and does not take up space in front of the dispenser. This solution provides simultaneous preparation of two milk-coffee drinks. Additionally, active monitoring of the presence of an installed jug provides automatic cleaning the milk tract, eliminating the risk of getting the sour milk into the system.

AutoMilk Clean

Today, the AutoMilk Clean system is one of the most effective. It automatically cleans the milk supply system with hot steam after each preparation of a coffee milk drink.

Home Connect App

Siemens EQ.9 connect TI909701HC supports control with the help of smartphone or tablet with iOS 8 and above or Android 4.1 and above using the Home Connect App.

Connection requires registration on the BSH server via the Internet. This app includes a wide list of recipes for coffee drinks.

The video at the end demonstrates its connectivity and capabilities.

Of course, the premium models of the top price segment of other companies also use technologies that can be considered analogs of Siemens EQ.9 Coffee Machines innovations. Nevertheless, the German company can fully qualify for a place among innovative leaders.

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