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Hisense TVs 2022 Review

This article discusses the new Hisense TVs 2022, including Hisense L9G, PX1-PRO and L5G Laser TVs, Hisense U9H 8K and U8H 4K ULED series, their launch prices, new technologies, main specs, etc. The article also has a video with new next-gen Hisense L9G TriCroms Laser TV.

Hisense Laser TV

Hisense PX1-PRO vs L9G vs L5G Laser TVs. Review

This article discusses the Hisense 4K HDR Laser TVs, including newest PX1-PRO and L9G wuth innovative triple laser TriChroma technology, and L5G with light engine based blue laser + phosphor color filter, their main specs, prices and key features, Digital Lens Focus (DLF) in PX1-PRO, etc. The article also contains a video with a world’s first Hisense 8K laser TV.

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