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Samsung S95B QD OLED vs LG OLED Evo G2 & C2 Review

This article compares the new Samsung S95B with innovative QD-OLED panel with the new LG OLED Evo G2, their price, key features, main specs, TVs technologies, including OLED, quantum dots and local dimming, miniLED backlight, etc. The article also has a video with a LG OLED C2/G2 vs Samsung S95B QD-OLED comparison.


The best TVs Review

This article discusses the innovative results of CES 2022, including the Sony Master Series A95K, which uses a new QD-OLED panel from Samsung Display, and the most popular TVs of 2021, including the Sony OLED A90J, Samsung QN900A 8K and QN90A, Hisense U8G, LG OLED C1 and G1, TCL 6 Series R646 (2021) and R635 (2020), their prices and main specs, etc. The article also contains a video with a Samsung Neo QLED QN900A 8K.

Hisense OLED A9G TV

Hisense OLED 4K A9G TV Review

This article discusses prospects for further development in the OLED TVs segment, and the new Hisense OLED 4K A9G TV, its price, main specs, key features, competitive prospects, etc. The article also contains the presentation of Hisense A9G OLED 4K TV in France.

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