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Upright freezer

Upright freezer features

Upright freezers are divided into free-standing and embedded in kitchen furniture, with blind or transparent door, with a manual or automatic defrost.

Transparent doors are often installed on commercial low temperature models, designed for trade of frozen products.

They are equipped with door locks, which are usually set by special order.

Most upright freezers have a manual defrost. The advantages of freezers with automatic defrosting are most pronounced when working in a damp climate. Many experts recommend models with manual defrosting for a temperate climate. They are more economical and reliable. This viewpoint is supported by demand and supply in the market.

Of course, the consumer qualities of any model depend on its technical characteristics, the list of which includes the chamber volume, freezing capacity, climate class, etc. The functionality of upright freezer is almost identical to Chest Freezers.

All these features affect the choice of the optimal freezer.

The cold storage accumulators are designed for storage temperature stabilization.

They increase the freezing capacity and the time for safe storage of foods in emergency situations.

Compliance with the temperature regime directly affects the safety of products. Many models are equipped with special thermometer or digital temperature indicators on the front panel. An audible or visual signal warns of the need to change the filter, increase the temperature, not tightly closed door, etc.


Usually, freezer design is much more modest compared to the refrigerator. White color with different shades is the most common and optimal for hygienic reasons. But the popularity of more expensive models, for example, of stainless steel color, constantly increases.

Usability significantly depends on the model design. Baskets and drawers on telescopic rails greatly simplify the chamber loading. Transparent walls of boxes, baskets and doors of compartments with shelves provide a convenient overview of the contents.

Lattice basket design provides more effective cooling compared to closed plastic boxes. But the foods with small sizes, for example, the berries or fruit, are sometimes falling through the bottom.

Special shallow tray is designed for freezing food, e.g., meat dumplings or berries. The frost from the chamber walls is scraped off using a special plastic scraper.

The design of the handles, the possibility of changing the door opening direction, the opening limiter and door retainer are also greatly affect the usability.

The reduced pressure in the chamber due to low air temperature additionally attracts the door to the chamber flange. Therefore, the door sometimes opens with difficulty. This mechanism slightly repels the door seal from the flange of freezer chamber, providing an air flow through the gap. The pressure difference decreases and the door is easily opened.


Calendars storage and pointers help the user to easily find the right foods. They also offer the optimal sequence of their use. But of course, electronic calendar is more modern and functional. It also indicates the food location, load time and the limit date of use. Some models inform the user about the optimal method of defrost food and about recipes of cooking with its use.

Today the patented Family Hub Smart Fridge technology is the most innovative and is used in the Samsung SMART models of the upper price segment.

This video demonstrates its capabilities.

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