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Whirlpools W collection induction hobs

Whirlpools W collection induction hobs

The modern consumer market is characterized by fierce competition for many decades. Therefore, companies are forced to constantly maintain a high level of competitiveness of their products. Of course, its price, quality and functionality directly affect this basic criterion. In turn, these factors essentially depend on the use of innovative technologies, which today are the main tools for solving this problem.

The rapid development of digital technology perfectly fits this trend. As a result, TVs, coffee machines, vacuums and other complex home appliances actively use innovative technologies. Of course, the simplicity of the design significantly limits the use of digital technologies, for example, in the fans or deep fryers. Nevertheless, engineers successfully upgrade even such equipment. For example, innovative Dyson bladeless fan perfectly illustrates this trend.

Of course, the American Whirlpool company is justifiably considered one of the innovative leaders in the segment of home appliances. Its new W collection once again confirmed this status.
For the first time, the company presented it at the EuroCucina 2016 exhibition in Milan. This collection uses concept of combining household appliances into a single communication network and ideally corresponds to the popular Smart Home trend. The company uses the popular Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live app for this purpose.


As known, in 2016, the company announced the beginning of its cooperation with the IFTTT web service, which is one of the leaders in the cloud-based software development. As a result, today the SupremeCare dryer, the Supreme Dual NoFrost Combi refrigerator and Powerdry dishwasher from the Whirlpool 6th Sense Live line support the IFTTT. These devices connect to a Wi-Fi network and are controlled using a mobile app. Whirlpool W Collection hobs also applies to this series.

This series includes W 5,7 and 9 models with different size and number of burners. Today the company offers models with 6 or 8 burners. This series has been awarded for the Red Dot Award design, which today is one of the most prestigious world design awards. In fact, its entire surface is one large work area controlled by a smart system.

The company has equipped these models with an unprecedented amount of innovative technologies, including SmartSense, FlexiFull, ChefControl functions, iXelium coating and TFT MySmartDisplay 4,5″.

Device offers up to 63 automatic cooking programs for tasty and healthy dishes. Sensors select the optimum temperature and time for each type of product and cooking method, including grill, frying, boiling, etc. Additionally, the menu displays detailed recommendations for choosing a program.


In fact, the SmartSense function provides step by step recipe guidance. SENSE button activates a menu with functions for three different cooking modes, including:

– assisted cooking;

– chefControl;

– flexiFull.

The Assisted Display provides step-by-step tips in the cooking process for the corresponding recipe. Of course, it greatly simplifies the cooking process, allowing even an inexperienced cook to successfully prepare complex dishes.

СhefControl uses a preliminary surface separation into four different temperature zones.

For example, the high temperature zone in the upper right part is optimal for searing meat, the average temperature is usually used for slow cooking, and the low temperature zone in the lower left part does an excellent job with the function of melting chocolate or warming the finished dishes. Upper left and lower right zones have medium temperature.

In fact, this technology divides the surface into several zones of different power. Thus, changing the cooking mode requires only a simple moving the cookware from one zone to another.

FlexiFull technology automatically recognizes the dimensions of the cookware and adapts to its dimensions. In addition, the device activates heating only after contact with cookware, optimizing power consumption. Heating zones can be used separately or combined into any convenient configuration.

The iXelium nanotechnology glass treatment provides resistance to scratches and damage to the hob and simplifies the cleaning process.

Touch TFT MySmartDisplay 4.5″ with an intuitive interface displays step-by-step instructions for recipe choosing and cooking tips.

This video perfectly illustrates the capabilities of the Whirlpool SMP 778 C NE IXL Induction Hob from W collection.

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