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Microwave features

Microwave features

Percy Lebaron Spencer invented the microwave over 70 years ago. During this time, this kitchen appliance has become one of the most popular in the kitchen. At the end of the last century, two factors limited the spread of this technology. First, some users doubted its safety due to the microwave radiation of the magnetron. But reliable door screening provided a solution to this problem. Numerous studies have proven their complete safety. The inability to use metal cookware due to microwave cooking features was the second factor. But today the market is abundantly offering convenient plastic microwave cookware at affordable prices and this problem is also absent.

Today the market offers a wide range of models. The choice of the optimal microwave, of course, primarily depends on the price, technical values and model features.

Basic functions are obvious and well known. These include defrosting, warming-up and cooking. Today the functions of grill and convection have become also basic due to their wide distribution. These functions are often absent only in budget models with a small working chamber up to 0,7 cu ft or 20 liters. The list of additional features is constantly updated.


1. Warming-up function keeps the temperature of ready dish.

2. Function of delayed start is designed for defrosting, warming-up or cooking at the set time.

3. Grill grates and multilevel grates for utensil increase the device usability, providing simultaneous cooking the several dishes.

Modern microwave grills use different types of heaters that affect their performance and cost.

4. The lock function prevents accidental button presses.

5. Automatic modes greatly simplify cooking the fairly complex dishes. Program automatically adjusts the power level and cooking time. Some models support sequence of cooking stages. For example, microwave defrosts the chicken, prepares it in microwave mode and then roasts using the grill. This function is present in many commercial models and microwave ovens of the upper price segment.

The memory of some models allows the user to program the own recipes.

6. Modern models often have interactive mode that provides two-way dialogue with the help of display.

Such devices offer an utensil choice, a sequence of actions, recommended power, etc. Q-Tip (question-tip mode) is displayed on the screen. The next question is displayed after answer to the previous. Some models duplicate the display posts with the help of voice message.

7. Steamer function is a good alternative to buying two separate devices. Steaming prevents dehydration of certain foods during cooking, reducing cooking time by several times. The video at the end demonstrates pasta and rice steam function in the Whirlpool microwaves.

8. Function of self-cleaning by steam greatly simplifies the device care. It`s especially convenient in models with a grill.

9. Function of remove odors is very useful in cooking the several dishes in a row. It eliminates the mixing of smells of different dishes.

10. Door screening efficiency.

All modern models have standard protection. Mobile phone allows the user to very simple rate the degree of its efficiency. The user places the phone into chamber of microwave, closes the door and dials the phone from another phone. Call blocking means high quality of the door screening.

11. Warming up mode to the desired temperature is very convenient for infant formulas.

12. Auto-weight function determines the food weight in chamber with the help of built-in electronic scales. This is very convenient for accurately adding ingredients according to the recipe.

13. Crisp Plate is designed for frying. It`s made of a special metal and is heated to 392 °F or 200 °C

14. Dual radiation mode is implemented with the help of bifurcation the radiation flux. This separation provides more uniform heating and improves the efficiency of device.

15. The electronic cookbook in the memory of microwave greatly simplifies the preparation of many popular dishes.

16. Beep about work end is present in all models. But not all devices provide the shutdown of this function. This is sometimes uncomfortable, for example, while sleeping baby.

17. Rotisserie is a metal pin with the motor that provides its rotation. Rotisserie is designed for cooking barbecue, etc.

18. Inverter Turbo Defrost technology.

Inverter Turbo Defrost technology is based on improved power control system and is used in the inverter microwave ovens. It significantly reduces the defrosting time. Control system operation is based on the principle of chaos theory. The device distributes the microwave energy with optimal alternation of regularity and irregularity.

19.The AccuPop cycle is designed for optimal popcorn cooking in automatic mode, regardless of the bag size.

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