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Innovative Samsung QuickDrive series washer

Innovative Samsung QuickDrive series washer

For several decades, the home appliance market has been characterized by an innovative trend. New technologies expand technical values and functionality of devices, increasing their competitiveness. Of course, quality also affects the choice of the optimal model. But the quality of the assembly and materials in the models of the upper price segment has almost reached the maximum level. We can assume that companies have exhausted this resource. Of course, manufacturers continue to actively develop and introduce new materials and alloys. But their further improvement takes time and significant costs, adversely affecting the final price. As a result, today innovative technologies most effectively provide a solution to the problem of increasing competitiveness.

2018 was no exception for the washing machines segment. One of its leaders, the South Korean Samsung, unveiled the unprecedentedly innovative QuickDrive series.

Models of this series have united all the best Samsung technologies, including the latest ones. As a result, these washing machines provide greater speed and efficiency while reducing costs. In addition, QuickDrive washing machines easily integrates into Smart Home.

Its stylish design will decorate the interior of any premises.

The device has a fairly large size. Dimensions of the full-size model reaches 33 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches. But it provides washing up to 20 lbs per cycle. Its energy efficiency class corresponds to A +++, which increases energy savings up to 40%. Of course, a large drum volume requires a high spin speed that reaches 1,400 rpm.

A touch panel with a single dial contains all the necessary controls.

In addition, the series supports Wi-Fi connection.


Innovative QuickDrive technology uses a drum with a fundamentally new operation principle.

The axis of its rear wall with three blades is not connected with the axis of the main drum. This design provides simultaneous rotation of the drum parts in two opposite directions. As a consequence, the laundry is additionally moved along the axis. As a result, a complex movement increases the intensity of washing, reducing its duration. According to the company, QuickDrive technology provides a two-fold reduction in washing time while maintaining the same quality.

Moreover, Korean engineers have upgraded Swirl technology to Swirl +.

Special additional protrusions for drainage holes on the drum inner surface reduce the duration of the spin, increasing its efficiency.

In addition, the series supports an intelligent Q-Rator system, which forms hints for selecting the optimal cycles and washing modes, optimizing this process. Additionally, Q-Rator supports technical support service with the help of HomeCare Wizard app.

In fact, the system integrates a washing machine with a Smart Home.

Eco Drum Clean+ cycle provides care for drum.

According to the company, its effectiveness reaches up to 99.9% for odour-causing bacteria without using harsh chemicals. Moreover, powerful water jet and fast spinning motion removes up to 99% of dirt from the rubber door gasket. Additionally, the device generates a message about the need to activate the cleaning mode.

Of course, many companies have long used cleaning with steam in their models. But the improved Hygiene Steam Cycle function in QuickDrive series provides steam from the drum base, increasing the cleaning efficiency.

Traditional technology

This series also uses many new technologies developed in recent years. For example, very populary Add Wash door provides the addition of forgotten clothes during washing without interrupting the cycle.

Of course, the series uses the popular Eco Bubble technology with an additional foam generator under the drum.

The foam generator mixes the cleaning solution, water and air to increase the foam volume that penetrates more efficiently between the fabric fibers. As a result, the technology ensures the high quality washing even at a decrease in the water temperature and amount of detergent.

Super Speed mode is designed for fast daily wash. This mode also uses the Quick-Drive and Eco Bubble technologies, and Speed Spray option, which sends powerful jets of water to the drum.

As a result, the washing duration does not exceed 40-60 minutes.

In addition, the series uses economical inverter motors with a 10 year warranty.

Unfortunately, a very high price is the main and only drawback of this series. For example, today the company offers a model with loading 22 lbs at a price of £ 1,799.99 or almost $ 2,300.00. Of course, such a price significantly limits the demand for these magnificent devices.

The video demonstrates the operation principle of QuickDrive technology.

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