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Samsung Premiere 8K projector

New technologies in Samsung TVs 2024 Review

The lineup expansion has long been one of the most effective marketing strategies. Therefore, all industry leaders are annually updating their model ranges and this year was no exception. At CES 2024 they introduced a wide range of new products, demonstrating impressive innovative progress. For example, the LG’s list includes:

– very bright MLA (Micro Lens Array)-based OLED META 2.0 3rd gen panel with META Multi Booster feature;

– wireless OLED M4 with Zero Connect box;

– transparent 77-inch Signature OLED T;

– latest α11 AI video processor (new Peak Highlighter feature, etc);

– UltraGear Dual-Hz gaming monitor with FullHD@480Hz support.

Another South Korean giant presented the OLED TVs with Glare Free technology and new Neo QLED series, transparent Micro LED panel, Lifestyle Music Frame speaker, 4K / 8K UST projectors, and innovative Samsung NQ8 AI Gen3 chipset with neural processing unit (NPU). For reference, it uses 512 neural networks vs 64 in the previous version.

Samsung NQ8 AI Gen3
Samsung NQ8 AI Gen3

Samsung innovations

Transparent Micro LED futuristic modular panel

Of course, it did not go unnoticed. Panel uses new extremely small transparent Micro LED chip and ultra precision manufacturing process without seams and light refraction. This success is due to Samsung’s long-term research in the field of manufacturing LED chips, where their operation circuits are applied directly on the glass. This technology virtually eliminates brightness reduction.

Samsung introduced three displays, two of which use darkened glass to reduce their transparency.

Samsung transparent Micro LED
Samsung transparent Micro LED

The third model was completely transparent. All displays have a frameless design and are ~1cm thick. But given the incredible price of micro LED panels, transparent micro LED screens with fantastic image quality are unlikely to take up space in living rooms any time soon. However, they are ideal for advertising.

World’s first wireless The Premiere 8K UST projector

The model uses SoD (Sound on Display) technology, which generates sound using vibration drives, creating the illusion of source location on the screen. Also, the projector supports voice control with far-field microphone.

Music Frame, HW-Q990D and HW-S800D soundbars

The wireless Music Frame speaker is compatible with SmartThings, delivers surround sound and enhanced bass. Moreover, it can be used as a standalone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speaker.

Traditionally for Lifestyle concept, it also performs a decorative function. In particular, it has a holder for printed photos or art.

Samsung Music Frame soundbar
Samsung Music Frame soundbar

The wireless Music Frame uses two woofers, tweeters and midrange speakers each. This speaker array (woofers at the rear and four drivers at the front) is compatible with SmartThings, supports Dolby Atmos and has Samsung’s SpaceFit technolody to sound calibrate in the specific room. Finally, Music Frame is compatible with popular Samsung’s Q-Symphony technology, synchronizing TV speakers with external audio devices.

Glare Free technology

OLED Glare Free technology with next-level anti-glare coating in S95D delivers industry-leading performance today.

Samsung OLED Glare Free
Samsung OLED Glare Free

It radically reduces glare without compromising color accuracy or image clarity. Its effectiveness is confirmed by Unified Glare Rating (UGR) testing standards from the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and International Organization for Standardization. To be fair, last year’s S95C also uses similar technology. But S95D uses an improved version based on ‘a new, specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern’. In addition, new series uses Pantone Validated ‘AI-enhanced color accuracy’.

As known, the QD-OLED hybrid panel from Samsung Display was first used by Samsung Electronics and Sony in 2022. Today Samsung S (xB / 2022, xC / 2023 and xD / 2024) series and Sony A95K (2022) / A95L (2023) have this panel. The South Korean company is positioning them as OLED TVs, but some sellers prefer the ‘QD-OLED’ name. However, this aspect is hardly important for most consumers.

This technology has successfully combined perfect OLED contrast with high QD brightness, offering superb picture quality at a relatively affordable price. Today, these models successfully compete with premium OLED panels and LCD TVs with miniLED backlight & QD (quantum dots) due to their excellent price-quality ratio.

The flagship S95D is available up to 77″ and comes with a One Connect box, which reduces the TV’s profile thickness to 11mm. According to Samsung Display, Peak Brightness of 2024 QD-OLED panels can reach up to 3,000 nits. But some Internet sources indicate only 1,800 nits. According to Samsung Electronics, the S95D is ‘20% brighter than last year’s S95C’, the HDR brightness of which reaches ~ 1,350 nits in a 10% window. Thus, 1,800 nits seems more realistic. However, both values are redundant even for HDR content.

Tizen OS 2024

Samsung TVs Smart
Samsung TVs Smart

The list includes:

– Samsung TV Plus – updated UI includes a new home screen with free TV channels, shows and movies, Kids and Music sections, and Samsung Accounts;

– For You option with six user profiles;

– PDP wireless Samsung Gaming Hub Controller (joint development with gaming accessory provider Performance Designed Products) – built-in rechargeable battery (up to 40 hours playtime), up to 30ft low-latency Bluetooth wireless connection, a Samsung Gaming Hub home button (Gaming Hub launch), and more;

– Multi Control function – simultaneous control of TV screens, smartphones and monitors via a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

New Samsung Daily+ Hub:

– Workout Tracker – displaying data when performing exercises in real time;

– TechnoGym – videos with exercises and wellness techniques from the world’s leading instructors from TechnoGym;

– F45 – high-intensity interval training with special videos and challenges;

– FlexIt service – individual live sessions with instructors in the field of fitness and healthy lifestyle;

– Dr.Tail – access to video consultations with a veterinarian in real time.

Enhanced compatibility within a single ecosystem:

– Mobile Smart Connect (mobile plugin in SmartThings) – control via a phone;

– 360° Audio – 3D audio playback with Samsung Galaxy Buds;

– Vibrary Casting function for Ambient Mode – fast loading the photos or paintings.

Enhanced features:

– Audio Subtitles – AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – based voice guide for embedded subtitles in real-time;

– Remote for Barrier Free – UI with TV control via smartphones for users with visual, auditory or physical disabilities (intuitive button placement, distinct colors, tactile feedback, etc);

– Relumino Together Mode for people with low vision (AI technology dynamically outlining the edges of on-screen elements and rebalance colors, increasing the clarity of object contours).

The Premiere 4K / 8K UST projectors

Today this lineup includes Premiere 5 / 7 / 9 models and flagship Premiere 8K. It supports Dolby Atmos sound, has a top-mounted speaker and a long-range microphone. New Premiere 7 and Premiere 9 are successor to last year’s Premiere LSP7T and LSP9T. All projectors have the new projection-mapping-based Lightwarp feature, which turns any surface into an interactive display.

Samsung Lightwarp feature
Samsung Lightwarp feature

However, Amazon Glow uses similar technology.

Models project any content, including, for example, a customizable panel of clock or weather widgets onto any surface. In addition, the projection can be used as a touch panel, for example, for writing on sticky notes or playing a tabletop game.

All 2024 Samsung projectors support Gaming Hub for streaming cloud games without a console.

The Premiere 8K became the first 8K UST projector with a screen size of 150″@12″. It automatically scales 4K content into 8K. The list of its pros includes the smart TV onboard, 100W 8.2.2ch sound system with Dolby Atmos and Sound-on-Screen support, and wireless connectivity up to 33 ft (10m) with Wireless One Connect Box. According to the company its ALDP 4.0 (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display)-based RGB triple- laser light engine delivers up to 4,000 lumens of brightness. It’s quite sufficient to generate images with rich colors even in diffuse daylight without additional dimming.

Measuring 7.9 x 5.4 x 5.4 inches and weighing 1.67 kg/3.68 lbs, the ‘do-it-all’ Premiere 5 has become the most compact triple-laser UST projector. It also supports wirelessly connect and phone screen mirroring when touched. Premiere 5 forms 100″@17″ image, has built-in 10W speaker, auto focus, alignment and color balance.

New Premiere 7 / 9 brighter vs LSP7T / LSP9T, have a Quantum 4K processor and Dolby Atmos sound.


The South Korean giant convincingly confirmed its claim to innovation dominance by introducing Glare Free technology, a transparent Micro LED panel, wireless UST projectors and the latest NQ8 AI Gen3 chipset with 512 neural networks. Of course, the transparent Micro LED panel is unlikely to take place in living rooms due to the huge price, but other innovations have already been successfully implemented. For example, the rapidly gaining popularity Samsung S95D series with a hybrid QD-OLED panel has already received Glare Free technology, and the flagship Neo QN900D 8K and QN95D 4K use the NQ8 AI Gen3 chipset.

The expansion of Premiere UST projectors series is also impressive. As known, ultra-short throw (UST) projectors are increasingly replacing TVs from living rooms. High brightness of solid state light engines in projectors practically eliminated the problem of darkening the room. Their brightness of several thousand ANSI Lumens provides rich colors even in diffuse daylight. In addition, projecting from an ultra-short distance eliminated the main disadvantage of mid-focal projectors due to their placement in the room center. In fact, only a ceiling mount eliminates the problem of wires on the floor. In contrast, UST models are installed close to the screen.

To be fair, TVs offer better picture quality due to higher brightness and contrast. But this aspect is compensated by the huge image size. Their price is quite comparable with the cost of 65in TVs. Therefore, the company’s attention to this segment is quite justified. In general, the wireless Premiere 8K with innovative Lightwarp feature (interactive screen) has great marketing prospects.

This video showcases Samsung’s next-generation displays at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

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