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Mini LED projector vs TV

Mini LED projector vs TV

This article discusses the prospects of modern mini LED projectors, including projector phones and handmade projectors, the best Auking, Jinhoo, Artlii, QKK and TopVision projectors, screen mirroring technologies, including Chromecast and Miracast, their main key features, pros and cons, etc. The article also contains a video showing the settings of screen mirroring for your iPhone to Chromecast.

Outdoor Movie Projector

Newest AuKing and Jinhoo projectors Review

This article discusses the newest 2020 upgraded $ 85 AuKing M8-F portable projector and Jinhoo M8-TPA Outdoor Movie Projector with 720p native resolution and WiFi support, their main specs, key features, pros and cons. This article also contains a video showing the some features of the Jinhoo M8-TPA WiFi connection.

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