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Features of the chickens grills

Features of the chickens grills

Of course, fried chicken is one of the most popular dishes in America. Therefore, the segment of chickens grills is very developed and contains a wide range of different models. But, these models have features that affect choosing the optimal grill. Basically, these grills have high performance and are commercial. Such models provide simultaneous preparation of a dozen chicks or more. They are relatively large and often used in public places or cafes.

But, of course, compact models for one or two chickens are also available. Vendors often call them the Tower Rotisserie.

Cooking with the help of such model is shown on the video at the end.

The grill body is usually made of high quality stainless steel. The ventilation system provides effective removal of fat vapors and soot. Doors are often made of heat-resistant glass. Such models are additionally used as showcases. Grills of this type are characterized by high capacity.

Grills are divided on the electric and gas models by energy carrier type. This aspect considerably affects the cost. Of course, gas models are more economical, but they require constant control of the gas supply system.


Modern chickens grills use electricity or gas.

Usually, electric grills use several heaters on the rear wall one above the other. The heating intensity is adjusted separately for each element. Use of oil in an electric grill is minimal. Therefore it’s well suited for cooking the dietary chickens.

Modern smart models provide simultaneous roasting the several chickens with different degrees of readiness.

Gas models have gas burners for heating a special metal plate. Hot plate transfers a heat directly to chicken. This is the best option for cooking in the automatic mode. Each row of burners has its own control knob for gas flow adjustment. This provides an economical consumption due to its effective use. Electromechanical drive provides rotation of chicken.

Grills are divided into vertical and rotary (carrousel) models and device with skewers. They differ by capacity, by method fixing the chicken and by rotational mode. For example, the capacity of modern commercial models reaches 64 chickens. Of course, this is significantly affects the model cost and requires a large power. Average time of the cooking cycle is generally from 40 to 60 minutes.

Skewers grill

The chickens are strung on a rotating spit.

This design provides a uniform roasting the whole chicken surface. Some grills often have two working chambers that work independently. Their use is especially convenient at vertical arrangement.

Vertical rotisserie

This design use rotation of chickens on the skewers around the heat source.

The spit rotates around its axis in some models. Accordingly, the chicken surface receives heat with variable intensity. This method provides a very uniform heat treatment the whole chicken surface. Some models are equipped with special baskets for chickens. Such devices are very capacious and compact.

Vertical grill

Such commercial models have large skewer with special stationary baskets for chicken. Grill usually has two adjustable electric heating elements bottom and top. The heating elements are regulated separately that provides intensity adjustment depending on the degree of chicken readiness.

Models of the upper price segment are sometimes equipped with a fan for providing convection of hot air flow. This feature provides a more intense and uniform cooking. But convection models are significantly more expensive.

Vertical models are often placed in retail outlets and are additionally used as showcases. Therefore, three walls in these models often are made of the heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. Appetizing look of chicken additionally attracts the attention of buyers.

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