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Features of the non-contact grills

Features of the non-contact grills

Today the market offers a variety of grills, including gas, electric and charcoal models. But, of course, heating method is another major classification criterion. Modern models use contact or non-contact way. Obviously, non-contact models use heat transfer without directly touching the heating element to the surface of foods. Of course, the functionality of the model essentially depends on its type and affects the choice of the optimal grill.

Salamander grill

This semi-commercial models have small dimensions. Usually, such devices easily are placed on the kitchen table. Typically, they consists of two parts. The lower part is intended for foods. Heater in the upper part rises or falls, gradually changing the heating intensity.

Salamander grill provides cooking the hot sandwiches, poultry and fish. But they are also ideal for cooking vegetables. All dishes retain their texture and are obtained very juicy.

Cheese grill

Such grill is very popular in Mexican and Italian cuisine. Usualy, these models have long and narrow design and their size corresponds to the width of the cut cheese head. Cheese is placed on a special stand-grate next to a gas heater. Cheese is gradually heated and flows down.

Typically, such models mainly use faster and economical infrared heating.

They are often also called a cheese melting machine.

However, some modern kitchen appliances also support this function. For example, Trisa Electronics grills are very popular in Denmark, Switzerland and Austria for the preparation of national dishes with melted cheese.

Lava grill

The design of these models varies in a wide range. But all lava grills have a special place under the grate for volcanic stones.

Usually a burner is installed next to them. Stones absorb melted fat from meat and provide uniform distribution of temperature in the grill. Additionally, hot fat on the stones provides a characteristic odor of cooked dish.

The surface of the stones is often pre-sprinkled with spices.

Dish gradually absorbs their flavor during cooking. This heat treatment is similar to frying on an open fire. For example, meat surface gets an appetizing crust of golden color. What is important, the smoke amount is relatively small.

The stones are easy cleaned after cooking under running water manually or in the dishwasher together with grate.

Aromas and flavors of different spices practically do not mix. Therefore, lava grill is well suited for sequential preparation of various dishes (fish, chicken, meat or vegetables) without cleaning grill between cooking cycles.

Chickens grill

Carousel or rotary chickens grills consist of a heater, the working chamber and the rotating mechanism with baskets for chickens.

Typically, these models have high performance and are usually commercial. But compact models for several chickens also exist. They are convenient for a family of several people.

Carousel grills have a tray for fat collection. Combustion products are discharged through a special gap at the top.

Commonly, inexpensive models use a mechanical control panel. But modern grills of average and upper price segment have often electronic control system. All premium models work under processor control that provides an optimal cooking mode on the basis of data about loading degree and a temperature into working chamber.

Of course, skewer grills are also often used for cooking the chicken. In this case, chickens are placed on horizontal skewers. Gas burners are usually embedded in the housing wall. Models often use mechanical controls.

Some models use vertical arrangement of skewers.

Such grills are very convenient for cooking the doner kebab. Therefore, they are often called Grill Kebab Machine.

The cooking time in these models is very small.

Steam grill

The popularity of these models is caused by the fashion of a healthy diet. These models use a steaming for heat treatment.

Electric heating element and tray with water are placed under the grate. The steam of boiling water passes through the grate and heats up the foods.

Advantages of steaming are well known to many. Such dishes are always obtained juicy and retain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals during cooking. But, unfortunately, the golden crust is not formed. These models are also suitable for roasting fish and vegetables. Cooking using this grill is perfectly demonstrated in the video.

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