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Features of the contact grills

Features of the contact grills

Stably high popularity of grills stimulates high competition in this segment. Today, the market offers a wide range of models of various types. Of course, each of them has key features that affect choosing the optimal grill. Their classification can be based on an energy carrier (gas, electricity or coal) or design features. According to this criterion, all modern grills are divided into contact and non-contact grills, depending on the way of heat transfer to food products. Obviously, contact grills use direct contact of the heater with the foods surface.

Panini grills

These grills are the most common in retail outlets of fast food. But compact models are great for preparing a barbecue or a sandwich in the yard near the house and even in the apartment.

Device has flat or fluted surface for frying and a top lid that tightly presses the foods to the heating elements. Therefore meat is fried evenly, and its surface acquires a characteristic pattern.

BBQ oven

BBQ oven is designed for cooking the flour products and meat. They can work on electricity, gas or charcoal. These models are stationary and are often made of stone or brick. They are widely used for cooking pizza in Italy. BBQ ovens are great for cooking poultry, fish, vegetables and barbecue. They have a chimney at the top and shelves for firewood and for kitchen accessories.

Roller Grill

Roller grill is designed for Hot Dogs. These models occupy an intermediate position between the Panini grills and Skewer – grills. The device design is ideal for roasting foods of cylindrical shape, eg, of sausages, frankfurters, etc.

They are placed between the rotating rollers, each of which has its own heating element. Therefore, its productivity directly depends on the number of roller pairs. More expensive models provide individual adjustment of heating intensity for each pair of rollers.

BBQ grill

BBQ grills are divided on the vertical and horizontal models by design. Preparation barbecue without carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons is their major advantage compared with conventional brazier on charcoal. Vertical models are usually called the Rotisserie Grill.

Horizontal models are more common.

Frying surface

The surface is made by smooth or corrugated. The corrugated surface is designed for cooking the steaks, chicken, sausages and garnish. Cooking fish and seafood is more convenient on a smooth surface.

Many modern models have the combined surface.

It’s convenient for cooking any dishes. More expensive grills have individual controls and a heater for each segment of surface, providing optimum intensity and temperatures.

Many models have a folding shelf for storage of kitchen utensils that is very convenient for cooking outdoors.

Some models have the function of adjusting the surface tilt.

The inclined surface is well suited for cooking dietary dishes. The slope ensures quick drainage of fat during cooking. The horizontal position without inclination is intended for cooking meat in its own juice. Cooking with this model is perfectly demonstrated on the video.

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