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Hisense PL1H

New Hisense PL1 Laser Cinema vs Hisense PX1-PRO and PX1 Review

This article compares the new Hisense PL1 4K DLP UST Laser Cinema with last year’s Hisense PX1-Pro and PX1 models, their prices, specs and key features. It also contains an overview of the 4K UST projector segment, reasons for their popularity, and a video with a demo of the latest Hisense PL1H.

Anker Nebula Cosmos 4K laser projector

The most compact Anker Nebula Cosmos 4K laser projector Review

This article discusses the new portable Anker Nebula Cosmos laser 4K projector, its price, main specs, key features, pros and cons, ALPD technology of light engine, 4K resolution with XPR technology of DMD DLP chipset, etc. This article also contains a video showing Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K projector.

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