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DeLonghi EC885M Dedica Arte

DeLonghi EC885M vs EC685 vs EC785 Dedica Arte espresso machines Review

For 10 years, the Delonghi Dedica series has been on the list of the most popular carob coffee makers.

Delonghi Dedica

Its marketing success is due to several factors, including:

– design.

Its distinctive retro design has long been recognizable to many coffee lovers. In addition, a wide selection of colors ensures perfect harmony with any interior.

Delonghi Dedica colors
Delonghi Dedica colors

– ultra compactness due to unprecedentedly small width (~ 15 cm without Panarello) is ideal for a small kitchen.

Delonghi Dedica slim design
Delonghi Dedica slim design

Dedica uses a flow-through thermoblock, which is much more compact than a traditional boiler;

– thermal stability with a PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controller. In fact, Delonghi first used this efficient technology in a household coffee maker. What’s more, the company uses a more reliable triac instead of a mechanical relay to control the heating element. As a result, the water temperature practically does not change during the brewing process;

– impeccable build quality at a relatively low price. Some sellers in the USA are offering the new EC 885 for up to $ 200.


– EC 680 (2013) – ‘R / BK / W / M’ colors + 120 mm cup height;

– EC 685 (2018) – Dedica branded trip tray + adjustable Panarello + double trip tray for cups of different heights (120 mm).

Delonghi Dedica double trip tray
Delonghi Dedica double trip tray

– EC 785 (2021) – new ‘BG / PK / GY’ colors + accessories (50mm tamper and 350ml milk pitcher).

For reference, BG – pale beige, and GY – dark gray.

– EC 885 Dedica Arte (2021) – new ‘My LatteArt’ steam wand + ‘M’ color + additional large basket + 130 mm cup height.

The 15 bar pump and the 1.1 l water capacity do not change since 2013.

In fact, the new steam tap is the main difference of the novelty.

Delonghi Dedica EC885 milk frother
Delonghi Dedica EC885 milk frother

Milk frothing

The Internet offers many step-by-step instructions for optimal manual milk frothing with the Pannarello cappuccinatore. Its quality is affected by:

– protein content in milk (the more, the better) and its temperature (better from the refrigerator);

– clean cappuccinatore. In particular, clogging its small holes blocks the air inflow for frothing milk;

– pitcher material (metal is ideal);

– the correct technique for frothing milk.


– the condensate is drained from the cappuccinatore until steam appears;

– the cappuccinatore should enter the milk to a depth of ~ 5 mm at a slight angle. But the pitcher center is not optimal because the milk must actively collide with its walls. Therefore, the optimal entry point is closer to edge;

– steam supply.

A steam jet forms a small whirlpool, dispersing the milk to the walls;

– after whipping the required amount, the cappuccinatore moves lower into the pitcher (heating mode). The optimum milk temperature varies between 60-65°C. Some pitchers have a built-in thermometer;

– in the presence of bubbles, light pitcher shaking will accelerate their removal;

– ideally, milk is added to the espresso immediately after frothing.

Milk frothing in the Delonghi EC885:

– milk into the pitcher (~ 1/3 of the volume);

– drain the condensate from the streamer;

– lower the steamer into the pitcher with milk by about 5 mm and apply steam;

– steam mode with the right button.

Depending on the thermoblock temperature, it lasts 10-12 seconds;

– after reaching the required volume / consistency, steamer is lowered (heating mode);

– turn off the steam after heating to 60-65°C.

The thermoblock power is enough to foam an one portion in 35-45 seconds. Its quality is significantly higher vs panarello in previous models.

Delonghi Dedica Arte steam wand
Delonghi Dedica Arte steam wand

Controls and settings

The list of controls includes only three buttons (1 or 2 servings and steam) and a rotary lever on the side.

DeLonghi EC885M Controls
DeLonghi EC885M Controls

All Dedica Arte models have a scroll type thermoblock which is commonly used in Delonghi automatic coffee machines.

Delonghi Dedica EC885 Platform
Delonghi Dedica EC885 Platform

The preset max water volume is 25-30 and 50-60 ml depending on the coffee tablet weight. After that, the coffee maker will stop supplying water. Thus, the device controls water volume instead of its supply duration. This method is called ‘volumetric’ from the word ‘volume’.

Coffee dose size settings are made by pressing and holding the buttons. For example, the single espresso button provides customization from 15 to 90 ml, the double shot button from 30 to 180 ml.
Pre-wetting to increase the coffee saturation is 1 second and cannot be disabled.

The settings list includes an auto-off timer (default 9 minutes / 30 minutes / 3 hours), 3 water temperature and a water hardness.

The water temperature is set to medium by default. The lower level may be useful for over-roasted coffee beans. Max setting is relevant for lovers of very hot coffee, and can be useful for espresso from light roasted beans.

Programming the water hardness affects the descaling notification frequency (orange color of the steam button). By default, it’s set to max 3 level. Based on the amount of water used and its hardness, the coffee machine calculates the required decalcification time. For max hardness Delonghi EC 885 generates an alert about every 200 servings. However, the test strip between the pages of the instructions provides a more accurate determination of water hardness.

Key Features

The flow thermoblock instead of a boiler has several pros:

– unlike carob models with a boiler, the heating time of which varies from a few to 10 minutes, Dedica makes coffee in about 40 seconds;

– the thermoblock provides the volume of water of the required temperature for several Lungo in a row. Steam generation also practically does not limit the amount of milk foam.

The list of cons is typical for most relatively inexpensive carob coffee machines and includes:

– inefficient passive heating of cups from the thermoblock heat on the top panel.

Delonghi EC885 top
Delonghi EC885 top

– the metal cup stand is sensitive to scratches;

– too narrow a cup stand to two cups;

– the need to cool the thermoblock after steam generation (20-25 seconds);

– drops from the dispenser after pouring coffee.

To solve this problem, expensive models use a three-way solenoid valve;

– the need to wipe the steamer after each making milk foam (milk residue dries out very quickly).

New model comes with great accessory kit.

Delonghi Dedica EC885 accessory kit
Delonghi Dedica EC885 accessory kit

It includes:

– 50mm tamper and metal 350ml milk pitcher, which is handy for frothing up to 150ml milk;

– a special plastic tool with an integrated needle for cleaning the cappuccinatore nozzle, which can be easily unscrewed.

Inside the cappuccinatore there is a fluoroplastic tube for steam supply.

Delonghi Dedica EC885 cappuccinatore cleaning
Delonghi Dedica EC885 cappuccinatore cleaning

In fact, tube prevents metal surface from heating up, eliminating the risk of burns;

– baskets for ESE (Easy Serving Espresso standard, 44 mm) pod, for single / double (14-15 grams of ground coffee) espresso;

– descaling agents and a plastic measuring spoon.


In fact, the company has created an improved version of Dedica Arte with a more efficient ‘My LatteArt steam wand’ without increasing the price. As a result, more high-quality milk foam allows the coffee lover with little barista skills to prepare more delicious cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, etc. Overall, superb value for money promises excellent marketing prospects for the new model. Moreover, the company has already announced the new Delonghi Dedica EC950 with a fully automatic milk frother.

But of course, the list of new products of one of the industry leaders is not limited to this series. Over the years it has expanded with:

– new Start and Evo series in legendary Delonghi Magnifica;

– unprecedentedly inexpensive drip Clessidra ICM17210 coffee maker (~ € 150);

– new bestseller in mid/premium segment Delonghi ECAM Dinamica Plus, which is an improved version of superb Delonghi ECAM Dinamica;

– super innovative premium DeLonghi ECAM Eletta Explore with 40 pre-programmed coffee recipes and additional LatteCrema Cool milk system.

Moreover, the company continues to develop other areas, including, for example, semi-automatic DeLonghi La Specialista Arte/Prestigio/Maestro espresso machines in retro style or Lattissima/Vertuo series in Nespresso line.

The video shows drinks personalization and settings of DeLonghi Dedica Arte espresso machine.

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