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ECAM 370.70 Dinamica Plus

The cheapest fully automatic Delonghi coffee machines with LatteCrema system Review

As known, in the fall of 2016, the company introduced a new Dinamica series, which replaced the popular ECAM 23.xxx series. This model range included several Dinamica ECAM 350.xx models. Unlike the previous series, they had more flexible custom settings, a separate My Menu profile for all drinks, a special program for Long Americano, and innovative TrueBrew Over Ice technology (Iced Coffee program).

The series quickly became one of the most popular in the segment of mid-budget coffee machines under $ 1,000. Inspired by the success, already in early 2019 the company introduced Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95T with control via smartphone.

Of course, in addition to Dinamica, the company is successfully developing other series. Over the years, the company has successfully expanded PrimaDonna, Magnifica and other product lines. A partial list of new Delonghi coffee machines includes:

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino EVO on ECAM 550.55 PrimaDonna platform;

Delonghi Perfecta EVO and Deluxe on a compact ESAM platform;

– premium DeLonghi EPAM 960.75.GLM Maestosa, which has rightfully become one of the most innovative models of 2019;

Delonghi PrimaDonna Soul with innovative Bean Adapt technology.

But the company is also not going to give up the huge marketing potential of Dinamica, expanding it with more budget Delonghi ECAM 350.50 Dinamica and ECAM 370.70 Dinamica Plus versions.

Today they are the cheapest Delonghi coffee machines with milk frothers.

Price and Dinamica platform

In Europe, the price of the Delonghi ECAM 350.50B ranges from € 490 to € 580 ($ 540 – $ 635). In England it’s priced at £ 430 ($ 565). Delonghi ECAM 370.70B Dinamica Plus is offered for € 603 ($ 660). For comparison, on the company’s website, the previous series on this platform are:

– Dinamica ECAM350.20W/B with Iced Coffee – $ 950;

– ECAM350.25SB with Iced Coffee and milk foam height adjustment – $ 1,000;

– Dinamica ECAM350.75SI with LatteCrema and Iced Coffee, Silver – $ 1,300;

– Dinamica Plus ECAM370.95TI with Coffee Link app support – $ 1,500.

But some sellers offer this model for £ 800 ($ 1,050).

Delonghi Dinamica platform

Probably Delonghi Dinamica is one of the most successful platforms. It includes:

– steel conical burr grinder with 13 adjustable settungs;

Delonghi Dinamica burr grinder
Delonghi Dinamica burr grinder

– water pump 15 bar (350.50) / 19 bar (370.70);

– two flow thermoblocks for coffee and steam with a total power of up to 1450 W;

– removable compact CRF (Compact, Reliable, Fresh) brewing unit (6 – 14 g ground coffee) – washed under running water;

Delonghi Dinamica brewing unit
Delonghi Dinamica brewing unit

– coffee bean hopper capacity of 300 grams, a 1.8 liter water tank, dreg drawer capacity for 14 portions and a bybass for ground coffee;

– plastic case with touch control panel and passive heating of cups from above;

– two cup coffee dispenser (max cup height 135 mm);

– “LatteCrema” milk frother (Delonghi milk jug) with adjustable milk foam height and quick rinse function, which are controlled by a manual rotary switch on the jug.

Delonghi Dinamica milk frother
Delonghi Dinamica milk frother

Rotary switch provides:

– hot milk;

– frothing milk;

– choice of milk foam consistency.

ECAM 350.50 vs ECAM 350.55

Novelty is a cheaper version of the popular ECAM 350.55 and is available in two colors (B/SB).

Delonghi ECAM 350.50 colors
Delonghi ECAM 350.50 colors

ECAM 350.55 has LCD display.

ECAM 350.55 Screen
ECAM 350.55 Screen

New model uses only symbol screen.

ECAM 350.50 Screen
ECAM 350.50 Screen

ECAM 350.50 makes Black coffee, Cappuccino, Espresso and Latte Macchiato. In addition, the coffee machine dispenses hot water and hot / frothed milk.

The absence of “My Menu” completes the list of differences.

Of course, a symbol screen is less informative and lacks some small but convenient features, such as a portion counter.

In fact, “My Menu” in ECAM 350.55 functions as an additional user profile with settings the coffee strength, amount of water and milk, grind. Unfortunately, this option is missing.

In the new series Doppio+ (double espresso) and LONG (Americano) have disappeared from the program list.


– Espresso (standard 1 sec pre-wetting) – default 40 ml / adjustable from 20 to 180 ml;

– Black coffee (without pre-wetting) – 180 ml / (100 – 240) ml;

– Cappuccino (milk is poured into the cup first) – 140 ml milk + 60 ml espresso / up to 700 ml milk (max milk foam height) + (20 – 180) ml espresso;

– Latte Macchiato – 160 ml milk + 40 ml espresso / up to 700 ml milk (max milk foam height) + (20 – 180) ml espresso;

– Hot / frothed milk – depending on the dial position;

– Hot water – the same start button as for milk. This option works without milk jug, with the installation of a special spout for hot water instead of a cappuccinatore.

ECAM 350.55 costs up to $ 800, but discounted offers start at € 500. Therefore, the price difference is small.

Delonghi ECAM 370.70B

In fact, the new ECAM 370.70B Dinamica Plus has become a budget version in the ECAM 370.95 (double-walled thermally insulated milk jug and three custom profiles) and ECAM 370.85 (without custom profiles) line.

Unlike these models, ECAM 370.70 does not have a Bluetooth module, and, accordingly, does not support wireless control from a smartphone via the Delonghi Coffee Link app.

Delonghi ECAM 370.70B Dinamica Plus
Delonghi ECAM 370.70B Dinamica Plus

Perhaps this aspect is not very important when preparing coffee, but the app is very handy for settings. In ‘manual’ mode, it ‘remembers’ ingredient proportions when the program is stopped. Moreover, changing them requires a similar cycle.

Of course, the value of this feature depends on the individual preferences of the user. But it’s traditional for the company. For example, ECAM 46.860 and ESAM 460.80 also differ only in the absence of a Bluetooth module. Perhaps the developers deliberately leave the choice for conservatives, who are too lazy to deal with new apps, and progressives, who are already used to controlling everything through a smartphone.

But the number of programs, specs and functionality are identical to other Dinamica Plus series.

ECAM 370.70 programs

The programs of the models are absolutely identical. Their list includes:

– Espresso (standard 1 sec pre-wetting) – default 40 ml / adjustable from 20 to 180 ml;

– Black coffee (without pre-wetting) – 180 ml / (100 – 240) ml;

– Long (imitation of classic Americano – espresso + hot water; two grinds + two spills; intermittent pump operation – 1 sec machine pours coffee, 1 sec pause; cooking time is twice as long vs black coffee; taste – richer and stronger, but less balanced vs classic Americano) – 160 ml (80 ml + 80 ml ) / (115 – 250) ml;

– Doppio+ (strong coffee; long and intermittent pre-wetting; about 14 grams of ground coffee) –120 ml / (80 – 180) ml;

– ‘Coffee pot’ (2, 4 or 6 servings in a row) – max up to 750 ml;

– Cappuccino – 140 ml milk + 60 ml espresso;

– Latte Macchiato – 160 ml milk + 40 ml espresso;

– Latte – 350 ml milk + 40 ml espresso;

– Flat White – (different from classic) – 230 ml milk + 60 ml espresso;

– Cappuccino Mix (espresso is poured into the cup first);

– Cappuccino+ (milk is poured into the cup first; taste – strong Doppio+ with milk);

– Espresso Macchiato – little milk + espresso on top;

– Hot milk (‘max’ setting) – 350 ml / max 700 ml.

‘Cappuccino Mix’

Today, Delonghi ECAM 370.70B can be positioned as the cheapest coffee machine with support for classic preparation of cappuccino. As known, the sequence of adding ingredients to the cup is the main feature of this recipe. It requires first pouring an espresso, ristretto or double espresso and then adding frothed milk.

Strictly speaking:

– cappuccino – 1/3 espresso + 1/3 steamed milk + 1/3 foamed milk;

– latte – 1/3 espresso at the bottom + about 50% of steamed milk + a layer of foamed milk;

– macchiato – 50% espresso + 50% steamed milk.

Cappuccino vs latte vs macchiato
Cappuccino vs latte vs macchiato

Unfortunately, many automatic coffee machines first froth and pour the milk into the cup, and then add the coffee. But this drink is called Latte Macchiato and its flavor range is significantly different from Cappuccino.

As a result, the ‘cappuccino’ program of many automatic coffee machines actually make Latte Macchiato. Curiously, models that support the classic recipe use other names for this drink. For example, in Philips coffee machines it’s called ‘Cafe au lait’, and Delonghi uses ‘Cappuccino Mix’.


Probably, taking into account the general conjuncture of the world economy, the company very successfully expanded its model range due to the ‘budget’ models of the most popular Dinamica series. Today they are the cheapest fully automatic coffee machines with LatteCrema system.
Despite the very affordable price, Delonghi ECAM 350.50 offers two recipes for black coffee and two programs for milk drinks, while ensuring traditionally perfect quality.

But comparison with analogue is ambiguous. Formally, it’s cheaper than its closest ECAM 350.55 by about $200 (~$ 600 vs ~$ 800), which is significant. But in Europe discounted prices of the ECAM 350.55 start at € 500. Of course, in this case, a full LCD display, convenient for settings ‘My Menu’, and a few additional programs become a decisive advantage in favor of the ECAM 350.55. But perhaps the lack of discounts for 350.55 or launch price reduction for 350.50 will change the ratio.

The Delonghi ECAM 370.70 is significantly cheaper than its Dinamica Plus counterparts. Its estimated price is € 603 ($ 660). For comparison, Dinamica Plus ECAM370.95TI with Coffee Link app support costs $1,500, and its discounted floor price is £ 800 ($ 1,050).

At the same time, it offers almost premium functionality, including the new but already popular Cappuccino Mix, LONG, Doppio+ and even ‘Coffee pot’ programs. Perhaps the lack of a Bluetooth module will confuse some progressives, but is unlikely to upset conservatives who prefer making coffee without a smartphone.

This video demonstrates the preparation of coffee- milk drinks by the Dinamica ECAM 350.50 with LatteCrema System.

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