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Eufy RoboVac G30 series with Smart Dynamic Navigation

As known, Eufy is a subsidiary of Anker Innovations, which was created by Steven Yang in 2011. Initially, Anker developed, manufactured and sold only power banks, charging cables, and USB charging hubs. The success of this area gave impetus to the rapid development of the company. As a result, today it has subsidiaries in the USA, China, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. They manufacture Nebula Mars and Nebula Capsule projectors, Soundcore bluetooth earphones and speakers, ROAV car accessories, security gadgets and smart home appliances. Eufy is the brand for the latter direction. At the same time, Eufy RoboVac robot vacuums is one of its main products.

Of course, their popularity is due to the phenomenal success of RoboVac 11S which became bestseller of 2018. Today this model is already has over 26,000 positive reviews.

There are several reasons for this. First, it has become the thinnest model on the market with a height of only 2.85 inches. This factor has significantly expanded the cleaning area by working even under low-profile furniture.

Eufy RoboVac 11S - Slim
Eufy RoboVac 11S – Slim

Secondly, the RoboVac 11S has a very good price-performance ratio. At only $ 220, this model provides max suction power of 1300 Pa, only 55 dB noise level, has 0.6L dustbox capacity, 100 min runtime, supports BoostIQ technology, etc. Of course, 11S was doomed to be popular.

Inspired this success, the company has developed several more models with similar specs and slight differences in functionality and design. Except Eufy RoboVac l70 Hybrid, they all have an unprecedented height of 2.85 inches. Unfortunately, the company had to increase its height to 4.02 inches due to the lidar on the top cover.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid lidar
Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid lidar

Eufy RoboVac classification

For bots, the list of the main directions of improvement includes the traditional increase in specs and the functionality expansion with new functions and smart options. The first path mainly involves increasing the suction power, dustbox capacity and runtime, which in turn depends on the battery capacity and the cleaning efficiency.

The functionality is usually extended by mopping mode. But, of course, this direction has excellent prospects. For example, auto-emptying docking station in iRobot Roomba has radically expanded the automation level of cleaning.

iRobot Roomba auto-emptying docking station
iRobot Roomba auto-emptying docking station

In addition, in recent years, navigation has become one of the main areas for further improvement. For example, modern models with laser navigation already support weekly scheduled cleaning, room-mapping and cleaning zoning.

Of course, Eufy is also actively developing this direction. What’s more, the company even classifies its models by navigation type. In particular, it divides them into Easy Clean with Bounce Navigation, Smarter Clean with gyro Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, and Laser Navigation with Laser iPath technology.

Budget models usually use the most simple Bounce Navigation. It supports movement only along a random trajectory, changing direction with each collision with an obstacle. The more advanced Smart Dynamic Navigation provides a zig-zag movement, significantly reducing cleaning time.

Smart Dynamic Navigation vs Bounce Navigation
Smart Dynamic Navigation vs Bounce Navigation

The models with the most efficient laser navigation provide maximum functionality, but they are significantly more expensive.

Eufy RoboVac with gyro Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0

This series includes the RoboVac G30 ($ 345), G30 Verge (or G30 Edge US version) ($ 350) and 2-in-1 Vacuum & Mop G10 Hybrid with a cost of about $ 425.

The G30 Edge differs from the G30 and G10 only in its support for Boundary Detection option and comes with 13.2 ft Boundary Strips.

Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge
Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge

The G10 Hybrid is the first Eufy RoboVac with mopping option. Adding the water tank reduced its dustbox capacity from 21.2 oz (600 ml) to 16.90 oz (450ml) compared to the G30.

Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid
Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

In addition, it uses two side brushes instead of one and does not support BoostIQ technology. Therefore, the company positions it as an efficient model for cleaning of low-pile carpets. In comparison, the G30 and G30 Edge effectively clean medium-pile carpets.

Other specs are identical for all models. Their height is only 2.85 inches, the maximum suction power reaches 2000 Pa, the noise level does not exceed 56 dB, and max runtime varies from 100 to 110 minutes. But BoostIQ reduces it to about 90 minutes. In addition, they use unibody high-performance E11 filter, clean in auto and spot modes, support weekly scheduled cleaning by app, Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice-control using an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices.

RoboVac G30 key features

Unlike random pattern in RoboVac with Bounce Navigation, it moves along a zigzag path during cleaning.

Eufy RoboVac G30 navigation
Eufy RoboVac G30 navigation

Gyroscope and path tracking sensors provide move in a programmed path. In addition, the robot records the route.

The RoboVac G30 supports Standard, Turbo, Max, and BoostIQ modes. By default, it uses BoostIQ, which automatically increases the suction on the carpets and in heavily-soiled areas.

The G30 comes without a remote. Control is carried out via the EufyHome app for Android and iOS. Its setting requires creating an account for the robot and make a few simple settings on the Wi-Fi network. Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant makes control a lot easier. The feature is very easily customizable using the Eufy instructions in the Smart Integrations section of the app. After its activation, the robot is controlled with commands like, “Alexa, ask RoboVac to start cleaning.”

EufyHome App allows you start and pause cleaning, select the cleaning mode and suction power. App is also required to set up a cleaning schedule and view its history. During cleaning, it shows cleaned area, operating time and charge level. In addition, the robot displays a very basic map with charging base and its own location.

The Climbing Threshold of the model reaches 0.59 in (15 mm). However, the company advises removing small objects, wires, etc from the floor surface to improve cleaning efficiency. In addition, the company advises periodically wiping the anti-drop sensors, because contamination dramatically reduces their reliability.

The RoboVac G30 Edge with boundary strips provides a simplified No-Go option in the L70 Hybrid.

Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge strips
Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge strips


Low profile and noise level, high suction power, and convenient app are the pros of the new models with Smart Dynamic Navigation.

The RoboVac G30 is similar in specs and price to the $ 300 Roomba 675 with Wi-Fi connectivity. But the Roomba 675’s suction power is only 600 Pa compared to 2000 Pa for the RoboVac G30. Of course, this difference is fundamental in terms of the carpet cleaning quality. It is also quieter and offers basic home mapping. These factors hardly match the $ 50 difference.

In any case, quite successful competition with the famous Roomba testifies to the high level of the new Eufy RoboVac models.

This video offers Eufy RoboVac G30 series with upgraded Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0.

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