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Most popular projectors in 2019

Most popular projectors in 2019

This review is updated regularly with new models

Last updated: 7 September, 2019

The modern market offers a huge number of different projectors. Of course, this factor is positive for the market, but it sometimes complicates the choice of the optimal model. But various TOPs simplify this task. As a rule, today consumers mainly focus on the latest innovative models, TOPs from experts, advertising and reviews of other consumers. This review offers models of the latter group.

This listing includes:

– ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lm SVGA Projector;

– BenQ HT2050A Home Theater Projector;

– Optoma HD27E 1080p Home Cinema Projector and Optoma GT1080 Darbee Short Throw Projector;

– Epson Home Cinema 2150 1080p 3LCD projector.

ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lm SVGA projector

This popular SVGA projector appeared on the market in Jul 2017. The company positions it as portable, but its dimensions and weight reach 4.3 x 11.4 x 8.6 inches (HxWxD) and 4.9 lbs, respectively.

However, the classification of models into pico, pocket, portable or mini projectors is very conditional and depends on marketing reasons.

Today, sellers offer this model at a price up to $ 300, which ensures the high popularity of this projector.

The projector brightness reaches 3,600 Lumens with 800 x 600 resolution and 22,000: 1 (full on/off) contrast. Of course, these Lumen Output and contrast are great for such a price. The projector uses six-segment Color Wheel and Metal Halide with Lamp Life of 4,500 hours / 15,000 hours (eco). Of course, the very low Input Lag 16ms (min) provides the projector with great features as a game console. In addition, its optics with Throw Ratio of 1.96:1 – 2.15:1 (Zoom Lens 1.10:1) provides a 120-inch diagonal projection with Throw Distance nearly 16 ft (zooming 1.05x).

Moreover, model supports Full HD 3D, Digital Zoom and ± 40 ° Vertical Digital Keystone.

Unfortunately, the projector has only 2.0 W mono speaker.

BenQ HT2050A Home Theater Projector

As known, BenQ HT2050A was a continuation of the popular budget Full HD BenQ HT3050 and HT2050 projectors. Of course, all these models have some differences. But overall, BenQ HT3050 vs BenQ HT2050 vs BenQ HT2050A demonstrates a high degree of similarity, including image quality, basic specs, and even design. It’s absolutely identical, except for the color of the front panel, which has brushed gold color in BenQ HT2050 and brushed silver in BenQ HT2050 and BenQ HT2050A.

Today BenQ HT2050A with price nearly $ 700 shows significantly higher image quality compared to models in the price range of $ 500 to $ 650. In particular, it provides significantly darker blacks, higher contrast, and a better perception of 3D.

The projector brightness reaches 2,200 Lumens with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 15,000: 1 (full on/off) contrast. Its optics with Throw Ratio of 1.15:1 – 1.50:1 (Zoom Lens 1.30:1) provides a 150-inch diagonal projection with Throw Distance nearly 14 ft (zooming 1.15x).



– 1.3x zoom is good in this price segment;

– reduced throw ratio is convenient for a small room (100″ @ 2.5m)‎.

– model uses CinematicColor technology (RGBRGB color wheel without white segment), which improves quality color.

In addition, the six-panel color wheel almost completely blocks the creation of rainbow artifacts;

– excellent 96% REC.709 coverage in Cinema mode.

– 3,500/5,000/7,000 hour service lamp life in full power/Eco/SmartEco modes;

– vertical lens shift +10%;

– vertical & horizontal ± 30°‎ keystone correction;

– two 2 HDMI 1.4a ports;

-onboard 10-watt mono speaker;

– unprecedented low input lag in Fast mode does not exceed 16.4 ms;

– Full HD 3D with minimal brightness drop;

– support for ISF color calibration for Day and Night modes.

– optional wireless FHD kit for wireless uncompressed streaming at up to 1080p 60Hz and WiFi dongle for connection to mobile devices.

– excellent 3 years warranty and 2000 hours for the lamp. For comparison, usually it does not exceed 1 year in this price segment.


– lamp replacement cost reaches of $249 that significantly more expensive compared to average for this segment;

– fixed vertical offset creates a problem when installed on shelf behind the point of view.

Optoma HD27E 1080p Home Cinema Projector

Optoma HD27E appeared on the market in spring 2018 year.

The projector brightness reaches 3,400 Lumens with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 25,000: 1 (full on/off) contrast. Its optics with Throw Ratio of 1.47:1 – 1.62:1 (Zoom Lens 1.10:1) provides a 150-inch diagonal projection with Throw Distance nearly 16 ft (zooming 1.05x).

According to testing results, these specs provide high image quality for projection 145″ diagonally with 1.3 gain screen in a dark room and up to 90″ in a room with moderate ambient light.


– relatively low price nealy $500;

– high color accuracy and contrast;

– Full HD 3D support with user mode;

– Fast Video Gaming mode with Input lag 16.4 ms with Enhanced Gaming On;

– vertical keystone correction;

– 12,000-hour lamp life with Dynamic Black On (replacement costs only $ 89);

– 10-watt mono speaker.


– 1.1x zoom only;

– settings significantly reduce brightness;

– small amount of video signal inputs;

– delays during sync with a signal;

– not quite convenient remote;

– warranty is only 1 year, and 90 days on lamp.

Optoma GT1080 Darbee Short Throw Projector

As known, the company introduced this model in April 2017.

Like many Short Throw Projectors, it quickly became popular. Many consumers prefer ST models because of their ease of installation, even in small rooms. Unfortunately, the higher cost significantly limits their popularity. Nevertheless, ST projectors are very often included in various TOP lists.

The projector brightness reaches 3,000 Lumens with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 28,000: 1 (full on/off) contrast. In addition, its optics with Throw Ratio of 0.50:1 (D:W) provides a 100-inch diagonal projection with Throw Distance only 4 ft.

In addition, the model supports Full HD 3D and Vertical Digital Keystone. Moreover, the very low Input Lag in the Enhanced Gaming Mode (only 16 ms) mode allows you to use this projector for modern games.

Today, this model costs less than $ 600, which is inexpensive for an ST projector.

Epson Home Cinema 2150 1080p 3LCD projector

This 3 LCD model appeared on the market in August 2017.

This Full HD projector with 1920 x 1080 resolution has 60,000: 1 (full on/off) contrast with Dynamic Iris.

Traditionally for Epson, the projector provides identical values for White Light Output and Color Brightness of 2,500 Lm in full power mode and 1,650 Lm in eco-mode. As known, unlike DLP technology, 3LCD technology simultaneously uses three colors, which eliminates the decrease in brightness due to losses on the Color Wheel. Therefore, Epson regularly mentions the high color brightness of its 3LCD projectors. In the end, the company initiated the introduction and use of CLO (Color Light Output) for a more objective assessment of the real brightness of the projector. Indeed, side-by-side comparison visualizes this difference well.

Therefore, 3LCD and DLP projectors with the same brightness in specs provide different real brightness, which directly affects the image contrast or the requirements for darkening in the room.

Its optics with Throw Ratio of 1.33:1 – 2.16:1 (Zoom Lens 1.60:1 ) provides a 120-inch diagonal projection with Throw Distance 12 ft (zooming 1.6x).

In addition, the projector provides Vertical Lens Shift + 15 °, supports Full HD 3D, and has a relatively low Input Lag of 28ms (min). Today its price does not exceed $ 1,000.


Naturally, the projectors of the segment leaders, including BenQ, Optoma, ViewSonic and Epson, are the most popular among many consumers. All these models have excellent specs and are great for Home Theater.

Of course, a budget ViewSonic PA503S SVGA projector with a price of less than $ 300 leads in terms of price / quality ratio. The BenQ HT2050A, Optoma HD27E, and Epson Home Cinema 2150 are among the most successful models in this class. Optoma GT1080 Darbee projector is the best among Short Throw models in this segment.

But, of course, the final choice depends on the your preferences.

We sincerely wish you the Right Solution!

This video convincingly shows the wide possibilities of Optoma GT1080 Darbee Short Throw Projector.

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