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Saeco Xelsis Coffee Machines innovations

Saeco Xelsis Coffee Machines innovations

The modern consumer market is characterized by a high level of competition, which stimulates companies to constantly improve their models. Innovative engineering solutions and new technologies are the most effective ways to expand the functionality of household appliances. Coffee machines are no exception and is fully consistent with this trend. Companies actively use innovations in their models, ensuring their competitiveness by expanding functional capabilities and consumer qualities. Saeco Xelsis coffee machines innovations convincingly confirm the company’s adherence to this trend.

Coffee Equalizer technology

This technology provides the creation and storing in the memory for up to eight user profiles with 15 recipes for coffee. Color touch display provides high level of usability.

Coffee Equalizer function provides adjustment of the strength, volume, temperature and taste of coffee, the amount and volume of milk foam, and the sequence of the coffee and milk supply.

The range contains almost all of the most popular recipes, including strong ristretto, velvety espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato with excellent milky foam, etc. Each drink has preset parameters. For example, an espresso recipe corresponds to 40 ml of medium strength coffee and temperature. The cappuccino recipe uses 120 ml of whipped milk with a maximum third level foam height and 40 ml of medium strength espresso.

Deep customization

Of course, deep customization is an added pros of this technology. In addition to the traditional settings of volume, strength and temperature, it additionally provides:

– three levels of pre-wetting duration, which affects the coffee saturation;

– three height levels of milk froth for milk drinks;

– the sequence of adding coffee and milk.

Each drink can have its own temperature, unlike most modern models, which provide only the same temperature for all drinks.

The Coffee Equalizer functionality in the SM7683 and SM7685 coffee machines correspond to the capabilities of Barista Mode in the TI905201RW and TI907201RW Siemens EQ.9 models. But the range of settings in German models is slightly wider. They provide six temperature values and ten strength levels.

Unfortunately, this technology is not fully available in the Philips Saeco SM7580 / 00, which does not provide adjustment of the milk foam height and the ingredients adding sequence. This function is available only for the Cafe au Lait recipe, where the coffee machine pours coffee and then milk. By the way, Philips EP4050 / 4051 is the first model of the middle segment with this feature.

HygieSteam cleaning

HygieSteam function automatically cleans the milk supply system with a jet of steam, ensuring almost instant readiness of the coffee machine for a new cycle.

AquaClean water filter

This filter effectively purifies water from impurities, preventing the formation of lime scale in the water supply system.

The advanced cleaning system uses three filtration technologies. The microporous filter purifies water from impurities. Ion exchange technology provides the water supply with a minimum calcium content. Patented circulation technology increases the duration of the water passage through the filter, providing deeper cleaning.


– more thorough filtering due to the increase in its duration;

– very simple and convenient filter replacement;

– microporous filter effectively filters water from the smallest impurities;

– high degree of cleaning significantly increases the period between descaling. It’s required after replacing 8 filters, which roughly corresponds to more than 5,000 cups. But models compatible with AquaClean should have a special sticker on the water tank.

Latte Perfetto technology

The patented Saeco Latte Perfetto technology provides double milk whipping. Concentrated, hot milk foam is fed directly into the cup using a unique two-chamber milk foaming system.

Milk jug supports the HygieSteam automatic cleaning cycle and can be stored in the refrigerator door.

VariPresso technology

This feature adjusts the coffee dosage and pressure during brewing, using lower pressure for Americano coffee and higher pressure for strong and saturated espresso. In addition, this function compacts the milled grain.

Coffee grinder with ceramic millstones

Saeco coffee grinder uses ceramic millstones, which today are considered the most reliable and efficient. Ceramics provides a very long service life and eliminates the burnt taste of ground coffee.

Coffee Boost technology

The technology increases the extraction depth by optimizing the distribution of hot water over the entire surface of ground coffee. Coffee Boost uses a new injection system that contains from 5 to 45 nozzles. Video at the end shows the operating principle of this technology.

Of course, analogs of Saeco Xelsis Coffee Machines innovations are present in models from other manufacturers. For example, Delonghi PrimaDonna Elite models support the creation and storage of more than 120 custom recipes. Nevertheless, today Philips is absolutely deservedly considered one of the innovative leaders.

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