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Jura J8 Twin coffee machine

Jura J8 vs J8 Twin vs Jura Giga 10 coffee machines Review

Swiss Jura brand is rightfully positioned as a cult in this industry. It belongs to Elektroapparate AG, which develops and produces premium home appliances since 1931. The premium coffee machines became the company’s dominant focus in the early 90s. Today it’s one of the leaders in premium segment. Jura models are manufactured by Swiss Eugster/Frismag company, which, like Saeco, is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic coffee machines. For reference, it’s also an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier for Bosch, Melitta, Nivona, etc.

A wide range and its regular expansion have long been one of the main marketing tools and Jura is no exception. Today the company offers full-size D, E, S, J, Z, Giga series and A and ENA lines of compact coffee machines. A few years ago the J series was classified as mid-budget. But the specs, platform and functionality of the latest J models are entirely premium.

As known, in 2016 J6 became an improved version of J9 (2011). In 2022 J8 was the next upgrade. Finally, in Berlin at IFA 2023 the company introduced its improved J8 twin version. So today it includes Jura J9, J8, J6 and J8 Twin models.

In terms of price and functionality, the J8 and J8 Twin can be positioned between the popular Jura S8 and the ultra innovative Jura Z10. But considering the design, control concept and comfort, the J8 Twin is very close to the superb Jura Giga 10.

Jura Giga 10
Jura Giga 10

J8 Twin

In fact, the company has created a very successful hybrid. It inherits most of the popular features, including two coffee grinders, a large display, a huge number of programs and Sweet Foam.

Jura J8 Twin
Jura J8 Twin

As a result, using an almost traditional platform, the mid-range model makes superb coffee and a milk foam. In fact, the J8 Twin can be positioned as a cheaper version of the luxurious Jura Giga 10 with two electronic grinders, two separate brewing circuits and a price of ~ € 3,000 in Europe, or ~ $ 5,000 on the company’s website and in the USA.

This marketing technique is quite popular. For example, a few years ago, the Italian giant DeLonghi also brought to the market PrimaDonna Soul with Bean Adapt technology, which has become more cheap version of luxury DeLonghi Maestosa.

In the US, the price of the Jura J8 ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 3,500. The price of a J8 Twin, for example, on eBay reaches $ 3,900. Prices in Europe are significantly lower. On the company’s website they are € 2,200 and € 1,800, but some sellers have them available at a price of € 1,900 (Diamond Black, EA) and € 1,600 (Midnight Silver, EA). Thus, the new J8 Twin is ~10-20% more expensive.

Jura J8 vs J8 Twin EA vs Jura Giga 10

– colors – Midnight Silver, Piano Black/White vs Diamond Black/ White vs Diamond Black;

– coffee grinder – P.A.G.2+ (Professional Aroma Grinder) vs 2x P.A.G.3+ vs 2x electronic grinder;

– grinding adjustment – stepless vs 2 x 6 vs auto adjust;

– programs – 31 vs 31 vs 35;

– thermoblock – 1 vs 1 vs 2;

– display – 4,3″ touch panel vs 6,7″ Panorama Coffee Panel vs 6,7″ Panorama Coffee Panel.

Jura Panorama coffee panel
Jura Panorama coffee panel

Some users find navigation using three split screens less intuitive. However, using a smartphone and Super J.O.E. for basic settings fixes this problem. In addition, for most, a large screen with additional icons is more convenient compared to nested submenus;

– coffee strength settings – 10 vs 8 vs 10;

– brewing temperature settings – 3 vs 3 vs 3;

– dispenser adjustment – height vs height vs height and width;

– water tank – 1.9 L vs 1.9 L vs 2.6 L ( 87.9 oz);

– bean container holding capacity – 280g vs 2x 180g vs 2x 280g;

– Sweet Foam – yes vs yes vs no;

– Cold Brew – no vs no vs yes;

– Coffee Eye – yes vs yes vs no;

– filter – CLARIS smart vs CLARIS smart+ cartridge (additional capsule with natural active substances) vs CLARIS smart;

– current price in Europe – € 1,800 vs € 2,200 vs € 3,000.

Key Features

The model has an additional grinder.

Jura J8 Twin Grinder
Jura J8 Twin Grinder

To be fair, other companies also equip some of their flagship premium models with an additional grinder, but basically in professional models. Firstly, it provides functionality in case one of the grinders breaks down. Secondly, the additional coffee grinder supports programs for preparing pure or blended coffee at the touch of a button. Thirdly, it’s convenient for decaf coffee lovers. But to be honest, ground coffee from two coffee grinders still ends up in one brew group, partially mixing. However, given their concentration, this aspect can only confuse perfectionists.

In addition, the model uses improved P.A.G.3+ grinders instead of P.A.G.2+. The company does not disclose their nuances. But when testing, new coffee grinders briefly ‘buzz’ after each grind. It can be assumed that this algorithm cleans the grinder cones of bean residues, increasing their service life. Other companies do not offer similar functions.

Like the J8, the new model supports the Sweet Foam function for preparing flavored cappuccino or flat white. It uses an additional clip-on syrup cartridge, which is included.

Jura J8 syrup cartridge
Jura J8 syrup cartridge

The cartridge is attached into the milk foam dispenser.

Jura Sweet Foam function
Jura Sweet Foam function

In fact, this system evenly distributes the syrup through the milk foam in the Sweet Foam programs. Of course, such coffee seems like a slightly exotic drink. But a beautifully crafted latte macchiato with sweet foam may well appeal to some progressives. In addition, Sweet Foam has expanded the functionality of the J8 and J8 Twin to a record 31 programs.

Coffee Eye option uses cup sensor, which detects cup size and its positioning. Importantly, it eliminates the spillage of the drink on the countertop and is easily disabled.

Unfortunately, like J8, Twin version comes without milk jug.

Programs and specs

The list of programs includes espresso and coffee (incl. 2x), Americano, Lungo, Espresso Doppio, Cortado/Sweet Foam, Espresso Macchiato/Sweet Foam, Late Extra Shot, Late Macchiato Extra Shot/Sweet Foam, Flat white/Extra Shot /Sweet Foam, Cappuccino/Cappuccino Extra Shot/Sweet Foam, Sweet Late/Extra Shot, milk foam, milk/Sweet Foam, hot water and water for green tea.

Jura J8 programs
Jura J8 programs

Specs and technologies:

– P.E.P. (Pulse Extraction Process – improved extraction due to the pulse mode of passing water through a coffee tablet);

– 3D brewing technology (increases the contact area between water and coffee).

Jura 3D brewing technology
Jura 3D brewing technology

– One-Touch Lungo;

– pre-brewing system;

– milk / milk foam auto switching;

– coffee beans and drip tray control;

– adjustable brewing unit – 5-16 g;

– two precision grinders P.A.G.3+ (Professional Aroma Grinder 3+);

– 6.7″ Panorama Coffee Panel;

– 15 bar pump;

– coffee grounds container ~ 16 portions;

– HP3 / CX3 milk system;

– aroma protection lid;

– WiFi Connect (J.O.E. app);

– CLARIS Smart+ water filter cartridge;

– I.W.S. (Intelligent Water System);

– auto self-cleaning and JURA Hygiene (TÜV certified);

– E.S.M. (Energy Saving Mode);

– front made of two-component technology;

– cup lighting in amber/white.


The Swiss company has once again confirmed its status as one of the industry leaders by presenting a superb model at a very affordable price. Of course, ~€ 2,000 (for Europe) is quite a high price, but its specs and functionality are impressive. Indeed, two innovative P.A.G.3+ coffee grinders, 31 programs, a large 6.7″ Panorama Coffee Panel, Sweet Foam, Coffee Eye and a full range of popular Jura’s technologies (P.E.P., 3D brewing, CLARIS Smart+, I.W.S., etc.) fully correspond to the premium level. As a result, the model offers superb value for money, which promises it cloudless marketing prospects.

Compared to the previous J8, the difference of several hundred is quite adequate for the additional improved coffee grinder and the large Panorama Coffee Panel. Compared to the Jura Giga 10, the J8 Twin is ~30% cheaper, which is also a very significant bonus in its favor. In general, the model may well take its place among the bestsellers in the lower part of the premium segment.

This video introduces the fully automatic Jura J8 Twin coffee machine.

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