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Frigidaire built-in dishwashers

New Frigidaire built-in dishwashers 2022 Review

This company was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1918 and was called the Guardian Frigerator. The self-contained refrigerator became its first product.

Two years later, a founder of General Motors William C. Durant invested in the young company. Due to the huge popularity of these devices, even today some Americans called any refrigerator ‘Frigidaire’, regardless of brand.

In 1979, GM sold Frigidaire to the White Sewing Machine Company, which in turn sold it to the famous Swedish AB Electrolux in 1986. Today Frigidaire is its US subsidiary.

It makes a wide variety of household appliances, including refrigerators, wall ovens, cooktops, air-conditioners, etc. But dishwashers is one of its most successful lines of business. The company manufactures them at its parent company’s Kinston, North Carolina factory. The price of the most popular models ranges from $ 500 to $ 850.

All dishwashers have a smudge-proof finish and are available in several colors.

The company offers several styles. Cheaper models have ‘Pocket Handle’ design with hidden / visible controls.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Pocket Handle design
Frigidaire Dishwasher Pocket Handle design

In addition, it offers ‘Tower bar handle’ (standard and Gallery series) and ‘Professional Handle’.

Frigidaire Dishwasher design
Frigidaire Dishwasher design

All budget models have traditional limitations, including:

– noise level during operation – from 47 dB and above. The noise of quietest expensive dishwashers is 38 – 44 dB. For comparison, the noise level in the library or in study hall is ~40 dB, and during normal conversation it varies from 55 to 65 dB. Perhaps this aspect can be quite important for people with sensitive hearing;

– they do not have Wi-Fi connectivity and do not support smart-apps, for example, with end-of-cycle notifications.

However, great price and high performance successfully compensate for these small cons.

Models 2022

The company offers the Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, and Frigidaire Professional series, which differ in price, design, components, modes, and technologies used. Models have a width of 24 or 18 inches (compact), and a height of 33 to 34 inches.


– FFCD2418US – up to $ 500;

– FFID2426TS – up to $ 500;

– FGID2466QF – up to $ 600;

– FGIP/FGID 2468UF – up to $ 700;

– FDSH4501AS – up to $ 800;

– FGID2476SF – up to $ 800;

– FGID2479SF – up to $ 800;

– FPID2498SF – up to $ 900.

Of course, the company’s website and sellers offer detailed specs for each model. But in general, the list of main differences is very short and includes:

– except FGID2476SF ($ 800), all models under $ 700 have plastic tub, while more expensive ones use stainless steel tubs;

– except FGID2476SF (51dB), the noise level of models costing over $ 600 is less than 50 dB, while the noise of dishwashers up to $ 600 varies from 51 to 55 dB;

– unless FDSH4501AS ($ 800) and FFCD2418US / FFID2426TS (under $ 500), all models have ‘Quick’ (~30 min) and ‘Normal’ wash modes. Models listed only support ‘Normal’ wash (more than two hrs);

– except FGID2476SF ($ 800), all models over $ 700 have a 3rd rack. It’s convenient for spoons, forks, knives, etc.

Frigidaire Dishwasher 3rd rack
Frigidaire Dishwasher 3rd rack

– models use different washing/drying technologies.


– FFCD2418US/FFID2426TS up to $ 500 and FDSH4501AS ($ 800) – BladeSpray, others use more efficient OrbitClean. But FGIP/FGID2468UF has the latest Dual OrbitClean system.


– models under $ 700 has Heating Element, more expensive dishwashers use EvenDry Fan.

Washing and Drying

Dish cleaning efficiency significantly depends on the uniform distribution of water jets in the tub, which is achieved using arms and nozzles.

Frigidaire’s base models use BladeSpray system. An additional ‘blade-like’ spray on the spray arm at the tub bottom greatly enhances efficiency of spraying water throughout the tub internal volume.

Frigidaire dishwasher BladeSpray
Frigidaire dishwasher BladeSpray

OrbitClean is its improved version. It uses extra rotating disk with more nozzles on the spray arm. Depending on the model, these discs can be placed on the spray arms in different zones.

Without stopping there, the developers have proposed the next Dual OrbitClean version. It uses two discs at the same time, which ensures maximum efficiency of washing dishes.

Frigidaire dishwasher Dual OrbitClean
Frigidaire dishwasher Dual OrbitClean

SaharaDry has heating element and fan and is used in models with plastic tub. In MaxBoost Dry, they are located differently. A heating element is placed at the tub bottom. A fan at the top blows hot air and simultaneously directs water into a condensation chamber. The MaxBoost Dry function increases the overall cycle time by approximately 20 minutes.

The models with stainless steel interior use EvenDry Fan. It work without heating element in the bottom. A fan pulls humid air through the holes at the top, after which water droplets drain away into a condensation chamber.

Other technologies


This propietary sensor system automatically adjusts wash cycle duration by controlling the water transparency with ‘turbidity sensors’. In fact, it provides high quality cleaning with minimal water consumption. This feature is very popular in modern dishwashers, including Bosch, Miele, etc.

PrecisionPro Wash Zones

The system directs soapy water directly into wine glasses, cups, mugs, and bottles, which are mounted with clips to the sprayers on top rack.

Frigidaire dishwasher PrecisionPro.jpg

AquaSurge Technology adjusts the strength of the water pressure, increasing it for very dirty dishes.

The Stainless Steel Filtration System is a mini garbage disposal to break up large chunks of food on plates. Frigidaire models use self-cleaning or removable filters.

Expensive models have up to 15 cycles. But to be fair, fast cycles from 30 to 40 minutes remain the most popular. Most Frigidaire dishwashers have a 34-minute Quick Wash cycle.


Of course, the choice depends on the budget and individual preferences. But in terms of value for money, the FGIP2468UF (or FGID2468UF) under $ 700 is relatively quiet (up to 50 dB), has a 34-minute fast cycle, and, above all, delivers high performance with Dual OrbitClean technology. Plastic tub and the absence of a 3rd rack are its cons.

The FGID2466QF is $ 100 cheaper, but runs a little louder and uses OrbitClean with one drive. The FPID2498SF is quiet, has a stainless tub, 30-minute fast cycle and 3rd rack, but is priced at $ 900.

The simplest FFCD2418US and FFID2426TS under $ 500 with plastic tub, without fast cycle and 3rd rack can be a good choice for students or honeymooners.

But, of course, the choice is not limited to the Frigidaire lineup. For many years, the company has been competing with great Whirlpool dishwashers at about the same price. A few years ago, the list of competitors expanded with Beko dishwashers. KitchenAid dishwashers (this brand is also owned by Whirlpool), LG dishwashers, Bosch dishwashers and Miele models are slightly more expensive, but quieter, more reliable, and offer more functionality and more high component quality.

This video shows Frigidaire Dishwasher FGIP2468UF with Dual OrbitClean technology.

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