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Jura Z6 Impressa innovations

Jura Z6 Impressa innovations

In the face of fierce competition, the leaders of the household appliances segment regularly update the model range, expanding the functionality of their models with the help of innovative technologies. Today, this strategy is the most effective in terms of ensuring high competitiveness. This trend is particularly pronounced in segments of technically complex devices, such as TVs, robot vacuums, etc. Modern coffee machines are no exception, and Jura Z6 Impressa innovations confirm the commitment of this famous Swiss company to an innovative trend.

Pulse Extraction Process or P.E.P. technology

As known, this technology optimizes the extraction time, ensuring maximum aroma even when preparing small-volume beverages.

Therefore, P.E.P. technology is particularly effective for making ristretto and espresso. It uses intermittent pump operation. Modern Jura models have Invensy 55W model that provides 15 bars at its outlet.

Hot water is injected through the coffee tablet at intervals, instead of the traditional constant flow. Unfortunately, this technology extends the brewing duration, but increases the extraction degree. It’s also used in Jura E6 / E8 and A7 / A9. Of course, the idea of this innovation is quite logical. But some consumers say that they did not feel the difference. Perhaps this technology needs improvement. The video at the end shows its work.

Сontext-sensitive user interface

Large color screen detailed displays all settings, operation values, coffee making process and tips. But the screen is not touch. The six keys on the panel provide operation of the context-sensitive user interface depending on the image.

Of course, it greatly expands its capabilities.

Unfortunately, the customization level is inferior to such major competitors as Saeco Xelsis models, Delonghi ECAM 650 coffee machines or Melitta Caffeo Barista. Jura Z6 only supports the most popular recipes:

– espresso – 15-80 ml;

– lungo – 25-240 ml;

– cappuccino – milk 0-120 seconds + milk foam 0-120 seconds + coffee 25-240, pause between milk and coffee is no more than 60 seconds;

– latte macchiato – the settings are identical to cappuccino.

Rotary Switch scrolling additionally displays:

– ristretto -15-80 ml;

– macchiato – milk 0-120 seconds + milk foam 0-120 seconds + coffee 15-80, pause between milk and coffee is no more than 60 seconds;

– Flat White – the settings are identical to cappuccino.

Free memory cells provide the addition of 11 own recipes.

Of course, these opportunities are inferior to competitors, but for many consumers, they are sufficient for household coffee machine.

Automatic cleaning of the milk tract

Automatic cappuccinatore provides the making coffee dairy drinks by one-touch. Additionally, the model provides automatic cleaning the milk tract, which is activated 15 minutes after the last cycle. Today similar AutoMilk Clean function is also available in Siemens EQ.9 coffee machines. Flagships from other manufacturers do not support this mode. Unfortunately, it does not eliminate the need for traditional cleaning the dairy tract at intervals of 1 time per week with the help of the milk system cleaner.

Today, the average cost of AutoMilk Clean is a little over $ 10.

Filing sequence algorithm

Of course, this feature is one of the most innovative. Jura Z6 Impressa provides the choice of the sequence of milk and coffee supply in a cup, the temperature and the foaming degree of milk in the feed process. Today, the choice of the sequence provides only Siemens EQ.9. Practically everyone, including premium models, pour coffee from above into milk. Of course, such a preparation of the Flat White, macchiato or ordinary cappuccino is contrary to the traditional recipe.

Setting the milk and milk foam temperature contains 10 values. Unfortunately, this setting is the same for all drinks. In accordance with the recipe for making cappuccino, milk is whipped at a temperature of 65 degrees. However, at the maximum temperature, the milk may have a slightly bitter taste.

The model can automatically switch from milk supply to milk foam supply during cooking. Additionally, Jura Z6 separates a fraction of heated milk from whipped foam in the cup, ensuring that the proportions of the canonical Italian recipes are respected. For example, the ratio of coffee / milk / foam should be 1/1/1 in cappuccino and 1/2/1 in latte. In fact, Jura Z6 Impressa is the first model that provides automatic mode for popular dairy coffee drinks in accordance with classic recipes. Of course, this opportunity is important for connoisseurs of these drinks.

Bluetooth Jura Smart Connect and Jura Coffee App

The company offered an interesting solution to this problem. It developed the optional Bluetooth transmitter as a separate module that is installed in a coffee machine and provides control via a smartphone or tablet with iOS 7 or higher or Android 4.4 or higher.

Its range is about 10 meters. The Bluetooth connector is compatible with most Jura models of recent years.

Jura Coffee App significantly expands the capabilities of the coffee machine, offering, among other things, a huge number of different recipes.

Of course, analogs of Jura Z6 Impressa innovations today are present in the premium models of many manufacturers under different names. But the Swiss company for several decades continues to be one of the innovative leaders in this segment.

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