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Jura E6 EB series

New EB version of Jura E6 coffee machine. Review

Famous Jura brand is a cult for many fans of coffee. The Swiss Elektroapparate AG has been developing, manufacturing and selling premium home appliances since 1931. But in the early 90s of the last century, it concentrated its efforts in the segment of premium coffee machines and has been one of its leaders for several decades.

Like other industry leaders, the company periodically releases updated versions of popular series. For example, recently its lineup expanded with the updated Jura E8 EB, which replaced the previous E8. Popular budget E6 was no exception, and the company introduced a new Jura E6 EB.

Typically, they retain their previous name (in this case – ‘E6’), but use a new numeric code in the full SKU.

The numeric code of the E6 EB models depend on the color:

– Jura E6 15376 Platin – black coffee machine with gray elements on the front panel.

Jura E6 EB 15376 Platin
Jura E6 EB 15376 Platin

– model Jura E6 15377 Piano Black – black version;

– Jura 15378 Piano White – white model.

Jura E6 EB 15378 Piano White
Jura E6 EB 15378 Piano White

However, they may differ for different regions.

Typically, companies avoid white for kitchen appliances. Therefore, the market offers a very limited range of white coffee machines, mixers, multicooker, etc. Indeed, many people consider it too easily soiled. But some love this color, which perfectly harmonizes with almost any interior. They’ll probably like the glossy white Jura E6 15378 Piano White with matte white side panels.

Curiously, the Jura E6 EB is one and a half times cheaper vs E6. At the same time, it has 4 additional programs and an improved coffee grinder, but loses in terms of the automation level and functionality.

Jura E6 EB design

The design of the new series has remained virtually unchanged. The beans hopper with a capacity of 280 grams is located in the middle of the top panel and is closed by a transparent lid with a rubber seal. Closer to the rear wall, two hinged lids provide access to the grind adjustment and second mine.

Jura E6 EB 15378 top panel
Jura E6 EB 15378 top panel

In more expensive models, this bypass is usually used to supply ground coffee. But the budget E6 uses it only to feed a cleaning tablet into the system because it doesn’t work with ground coffee.

This series uses the new Professional Aroma Grinder with 6 grinds, which has an improved geometry of the millstones provides a higher grind quality.

Jura Professional Aroma Grinder
Jura Professional Aroma Grinder

According to the company, it increases the grind fineness by 12.2%.

Some Jura models use grooved water tanks. But the 1.9 liter water tank of this series has a smooth surface. Maybe this solution is less stylish, but it simplifies cleaning and improves visual control of the water level.

The slot for the optional Smart Connect adapter is located under the rubber plug near the rear wall.

Jura WiFi Smart Connect adapter
Jura WiFi Smart Connect adapter

It enables the connection of the coffee machine via a smartphone using JOE app.

The model also has a drip tray and a cake container with a capacity for 16 portions. The dispenser accommodates a cup that varies in height from 2.5 to 4.3 inches (6.5 to 11 cm).

The surface of the plastic chrome-plated cup holder is very scratch-resistant.

This budget coffee machine does not have a valve for automatic water and steam supply.

Jura ceramic valve
Jura ceramic valve

But the absence of this expensive part eliminates significant costs in the event of a breakdown.

Key features

Main specs:

– Sysko water pump 15 bar with a pulsation dampener;

– 1450 W flow-through thermoblock;

– built-in brewing unit holds 5-16 grams of ground coffee.


– The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) optimizes the extraction process by enhancing the coffee aroma and increasing its richness.

Jura Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology
Jura Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology

– CLARIS Smart filter enhances water quality.

Jura Claris Smart Filter
Jura Claris Smart Filter

Its presence and condition is controlled by the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.);

– JOE app via Smart Connect adapter.

These models come with a replacement water dispenser, which can be installed instead of the cappuccino maker.

Theoretically, it’s designed for Americano (espresso + hot water). But replacing the cappuccino maker with a dispenser is unlikely to be convenient for many coffee lovers. However, the good design of the Jura’s cappuccino maker virtually eliminates splashing water, making the additional dispenser redundant.

As known, the more expensive E8 automatically switches the water / steam / coffee supply. The E6 EB uses the manual opening / closing of the water supply to the espresso cup.

The machine automatically requests a quick cleaning of the frother, but this option does not work due to the manual operation of the cappuccinatore tap. Its rinsing is activated from the main menu through a separate button and is recommended after each milk foam preparation cycle. But the quick rinse only cleans the dispenser module without the hose, which is rinsed manually. However, this task is easier to solve in another way. A cup of clean water is placed under the hose and the frothed milk option is activated for a few seconds.

Another mode of frother сleaning activates a more thorough cleaning using special detergents. Its frequency depends on the intensity of the preparation of milk foam.

Coffee machine operation

Many coffee machine owners have faced the mandatory requirement to use a water filter, which is often overkill, for example, when using purified water. In this series, the problem is solved very simply. The user only has to press and hold the lower right button for a few seconds when prompted on the screen. It appears after choosing the language and setting the water hardness using the test strip, which is in the bag with the hose.

Coffee + milk modes:

– upon request, the rotary switch turns 90°, opening the water / steam supply tap;

– after the second request, it turns in the opposite direction by 90°, and the coffee machine automatically adds coffee.

Jura E6 EB rotary switcha
Jura E6 EB rotary switcha

But the user does not have to manually move the cup between the coffee and milk dispensers, because the frother is located very close to the coffee spout.

Moreover, the milk programs in this series offer programming the milk quantity. But formally, this series can be positioned as a ‘milk semi-automatic’, which starts the process of dispensing coffee and milk separately from each other.

Unfortunately, the coffee machine cannot automatically empty the condensed water from the frother into the drip tray. Therefore, 5-10 ml of water falls into the cup immediately after its activation. But after foaming, the coffeemachine automatically cools the thermoblock to the required coffee brewing temperature.

The drip tray of the updated Jura E6 EB has been significantly improved. It has a fill tracking function, indicating the actual filling right on the screen, and a slot for fixing of the milk hose. Formally, the slot is for dripping drops from milk and water dispensers. But it’s ideal for milk tube fixing.

Jura E6 EB milk tube
Jura E6 EB milk tube


The coffee machine offers 8 recipes on two work tables + hot water.

Jura E6 EB Menu
Jura E6 EB Menu

Desktops are scrolled with the lower right button. Each contains 4 drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and milk froth on the first table, and caffè barista, lungo barista, espresso doppio and espresso macchiato on the second. Unfortunately, the location of the shortcuts does not change. In addition, the coffee machine dispenses hot water at any time through the water / steam tap.

First screen

– Espresso (with P.E.P. technology) – default 45 ml / adjustment range 15-80 ml;

– Coffee (traditional lungo, no P.E.P.) – 100 ml / 25-240 ml;

– Caffè barista (small Americano, no P.E.P.) – 60 ml espresso + 40 ml hot water = 100 ml / 25 – 240 ml coffee + 0-240 ml water, max 480 ml;

– Lungo Barista (big Americano) – 120 ml coffee + 100 ml water / 25 – 240 ml coffee + 0-240 ml water.

Second screen

– Espresso doppio (double espresso – two consecutive espressos one after the other) – the settings are the same as for espresso;

– Cappuccino (milk foam, then coffee) – 14 seconds of milk foam (1 sec ~ 8-10 ml depending on milk fat) + 60 ml coffee (without PEP) / milk foam up to 120 sec (max ~ 1 liter) + 25 – 240 ml coffee;

– Espresso macchiato (low milk froth + espresso with P.E.P.) – 3 seconds milk froth + 25 ml espresso / 3-120 sec milk froth + 15-80 ml espresso;

– Milk foam – 20 sec / 1-120 sec (max ~ 1 liter);

Opening the water / steam tap activates the hot water mode, but the screen does not display it (220 ml / 25-450 ml.)


The list of recipes in the updated series has been expanded with very popular caffè barista, lungo barista, espresso doppio and espresso macchiato.

Jura coffee recipes
Jura coffee recipes

But the work of some algorithms has nuances. For example, double-pressing the ‘Espresso’ shortcut activates the preparation of 2x ‘Espresso’, but it’s not the equivalent of Doppio. In this case, the coffee machine will pour twice as much water, but for one grind. Of course, its taste is significantly inferior to the Doppio program. With a double tap of ‘Coffee’, the device works the same way.

The amount of ingredients for each recipe is programmed by pressing the corresponding recipe button for a few seconds. In this case, the coffee machine goes into programming mode.

In addition, the main menu offers the ‘Programming’ mode for setting all drink parameters. For example, for black coffee, in addition to the dispensed volume, you can set the default strength (8 steps) and the temperature (2 steps). Americano program supports programming of the water amount, and milk recipes – the milk amount (in seconds).


The updated Jura E6 EB 2020 is improved with a more efficient and faster grinder, a 2.8-inch color display, a chrome platform for cups, and an increase in the number of programs to 11, including macchiato and two American recipes.

Its cons are traditional for the budget segment:

– this srries does not work with ground coffee;

– no milk foam height adjustment;

– you cannot change the location of program shortcuts in the menu;

– the device cannot automatically pour milk into the cup without turning the manual switch.

But it supports virtually all of Jura’s major innovative technologies, including:

– 11 programs by ‘one button’;

– 8 coffee strength levels;

– pulse extraction process (P.E.P.);

– compatible with optional Jura Smart Connect;

– Intelligent Water System for automatic filter detection;

– CLARIS Smart cartridge;

– integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program;

– monitored drip tray.

Of course, price is one of its main pros. Average, E6 EB price does not exceed $ 1,100 or € 950. But on eBay, the Jura E6 EB Piano Black (EB) (15377) costs only $ 900 or € 777. Moreover, some sellers even offer it for $ 760 or € 660.

Today this series complements the mid-budget Jura E8 EB Series at around $ 1,600 and premium Jura Z10 worth $ 4,500. Of course, its automation level Jura E6 EB is much lower, and the functionality is narrower, but it’s reliable, radically cheaper and makes excellent coffee in a wide range. Overall, the excellent value for money offers excellent marketing prospects for this series.

This video demonstrates the operation of the innovative Jura’s Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.)

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